Retrograde Haterade

The good news is you survived the Blood Moon.  The bad news is Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Leo until August 18th.

Certain signs are being hit hard with low energy (hi Taurus and Sagittarius) and some signs need to boost their energy since they will be everyones happiness supply (looking at you Gemini). 

To shake off the last bit of emotional hangover from the lunar eclipse and give your body some love I present: Retrograde Haterade

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Not Your Average Horoscope: Leo Season 2018

As a Leo myself the pressure is ON to bring it for this zodiac sign. I collected a mix my personal favorites while still keeping all brother and sister Leo's in mind.

It's no secret that a Leo loves telling other people that they are a Leo.  What can I say, we are proud lions.  We are known for our loyalty and leadership. When we create our pride of friends and family we are protective like no other.  You do not want to cross a Leo.  Our claws come out and we are up for a long fight, but if you are a member of a Leo's pride you know we are big cuddly kittens deep down.  

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A complete guide for Cancers 2018: Astrology // Zodiac Signs

Happy Birthday to all my Cancers out there!  It's your time to shine (or hide in your shell, either way) I have curated a special treat for you. I wanted to share tips and products for your mind, body and soul because you, my dear crab, are a sensitive soul.  

You are the best person to go on a day road trip with.  Your sense of adventure is full of genuine desire to learn more about the world.  You see everything with an artistic eye. You love intimate dinner parties with family and friends.  You are cautious to let strangers into your personal space but once you do they connect with the cozy comforts in home you've created.   You are a little hard to read at the start of any relationship.  You can come off mysterious as you take in your physical and emotional surroundings.  On the down side you are prone to retreat from the world during your moody spells.  You hide in your shell and can let your anxiety consume you, which takes a huge toll on your mind and body, but more on that later.

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Summer Break with Aveeno Suncare at CVS

I have received information and materials from ©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 2018.The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. #SunnyMoments #CollectiveBias

It's baby boys first summer!  Last summer he was just making his debut to the world so this summer we're excited to play in the sun.  This means extra protection for both baby and mama.

Save $3 off any Aveeno Sun or Aveeno Baby Sun product at CVS through Ibotta.

We recently visited my parents in Las Vegas.  Caspian had his first swim lesson and it was HOT out.  We took a lot of time to slather on Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Lotion Sunscreen since he manages to rip off every hat we try to put on him and rash guard!

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Denim Jumpsuits for Every Budget and Lifestyle

Aside from the fact that this outfit screams "I am a mom and watch too much Sesame Street" I want to talk about how often I reach for this denim jumpsuit and why I am convinced everyone should own one.

I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  Even my photographer Carla commented on how much she loved it the first time I wore it to a shoot we had.  It's kind of my go-to outfit to wear to content shoots because it's so dang comfy but looks put together.

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