The skinny on Skinny Skinny

I have been slowly trying to move over into using as many organic and vegan beauty products as possible. I saw a beauty blogger I follow post about Skinny Skinny and looking at her flawless complexion I went onto their site to see what the company was all about.

I was extremely pleased to see they offer a 5 product sample kit for $10. There is nothing worse than buying a whole size of a product and realizing it's not for you. Then you are stuck with it and wasted money.

I went with the following 5 products:

- Organic Anti-Acne Treatment
- Organic Daily Moisturizer
- Organic Rose and Red Clover Blossom Toner
- Organic Rosemary and Helichrysum Toner
- o/c Organic Skin Serum (for oil/congested skin)

They offer many more products from hair wax to body oils for the sample packages but I wanted to stick to products for my face.

To brief you on my skin history I was never a teenager who dealt with horrible breakouts. I would get hormonal pimples here and there, but nothing major. I have ALWAYS had oily skin. Which I don't complain about TOO much because I know it's said to help decrease the appearance of wrinkles. When I was about 22 I started suffering from cystic acne. It was the absolute worse. I went to every "top" dermatologist in Beverly Hills. I tried every topical product available and nothing was helping. Obviously because these lovely things were under the skin. Not only did my self esteem plummet but I was in terrible pain physically. It hurt to smile. It hurt to talk. Moving my face at all resulted in a lot of pain. It wasn't until I saw my regular family doctor that he suggested we test my hormone levels. He put me on two hormone balancers and within a month my skin was perfect. With any medication there are side effects, none of which I have experienced but there is always a risk. I am so thankful for those magic pills but I vowed to try and use only natural products on my face as much as possible.

I still get a "time of the month" pimple or two so I still need something to combat those and they usually happen around my chin or the cheek area by my nose. I really love the Organic Anti-Acne Treatment for this. First off I should say that the samples come in these beautiful glass mini bottles. The Anti-Acne Treatment also comes with a mini dropper to apply in smaller amounts. I love how gentle this product was. NO over drying of the skin and NO over production of oil either. It helps calm redness and inflammation without any burning or itching. I will note that this wasn't an overnight quick fix for my pimples, however I did see a significant difference the next morning. I would say after two-three nights they were gone, with out any redness or dark spots.

The Organic Daily Moisturizer was also incredibly lovely. I would say this is perfect for someone who doesn't wear a foundation or powder base. This is for the gal who goes bare face or wears spot treatment concealer when needed. The only thing that was an issue for me was I had to toy for a few days on how to mix it with my SPF lotion since it doesn't provide SPF. I wouldn't recommended actually mixing it with SPF lotion. I would say put the moisturizer oil on first and let it set in about 10 minutes then put on your SPF and then wait another 10 minutes and apply your concealer. I did try wearing a full face of foundation with this when I went out one night and my skin was extremely shiny. Since I have oily skin this may not be an issue for women with regular skin or even dry skin. I did try mixing a bit with my concealer but the two did not form a very friendly pairing and it went on streaky. I did however apply this after work-between bed time to give my skin that extra moisture it would crave some days.

The Organic Rose and Red Clover Blossom Toner and Organic Rosemary and Helichrysum Toner were both effective but I definitely favored the Rose and Red Clover Blossom more. The scent was more pleasing to me and the effects felt gentler. The toner diffidently did its job. It contains AVC and witch hazel. I use both of those already but I will admit that ACV (apple cider vinegar) is really horrible smelling and going to bed smelling like that is not very luxurious. My skin felt really balanced by this product and clean after using without feeling like my face was stripped. The rose scent is lovely without being over powering. The balance of products didn't burn my skin when I applied it like ACV with water sometimes does.

The show stealer of my sample package was definitely the Organic Skin Serum. My fiance has commented every day since I started using this on how soft my face is. I tend to get black heads on my nose and this really minimized the appearance of those. I love how soft my skin is and how my face glows now. Not like...radioactive glow or "too much bronzer" glow just that glow you get after staying really hydrated for a week and getting plenty of sleep. I apply this at night after my toner. The best part is you only need 2-3 drops per night. I am almost out and trying to make the last few drops count!!!

All in all I am really impressed by this company. I would strongly suggest purchasing a sample pack to anyone who is vegan, has sensitive skin or is trying to live an organic life style.