New Year, New Dedication

My New Year resolution this year was to get serious about fashion blogging. I sort of pride myself on wearing affordable fashion 95% of the time, the other 5% is usually because of my Chanel purse (gift from dad) or my step mother gifted me something fancy from her closet.

I don't like spending a ton of money on clothing that feels like "on trend" pieces. Fashion is always evolving and so am I. My style is constantly changing. I like things now I would have never liked three years ago. I guess getting older does that.

I adore sample sales, online coupon codes,BOGO offers ect. I want to share with readers affordable pieces and staple pieces you can find at a deal or that are worth the splurge.

So here it first post of 2015.

It rained in LA over the weekend, which is always good news for me. I wanted to keep cozy on Sunday so I opted for the standard skinny jeans-sweater-boot combo. My flare was my hat and the back of the sweater. I love when something that looks simple has a twist. The Kentucky Kid sweater is super cozy and is an updated version of what I consider a classic red sweater. The back makes it a little more funky and a smidge of sexy.

Sweater: Kentucky Kid Sweater $24 // Broke Girl Style // shop it here

Hat: Urban Outfitters // similar here

Jeans: Black High Rise Skinny Jean $39.99 // Sophie and Trey // shop it here

Boots: Forever 21 // shop similar here

I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to my friend David who gifted me his Canon EOS so I could venture more into blogging like the big girls do it.