DIY Waterfall Flower Crown

So a while ago I fell in love with a waterfall flower crown I wanted to wear during the reception of my wedding. I inquired with the seller the price and they told me $350. It was a bit out of what I was expecting to spend (I was guessing maybe $250) but assuming they made it themselves I decided I wanted to support a small business.

Well to my shock the actual photo they posted was three pieces. Two flower strands made of silk flowers, each at $350, so $700 just for the flowers, then the gold headband they attached them to was an additional $950. So this headpiece I had fallen in love with was $1,650. Now I read up on the headband and they use some Swarvoski crystals and refurbished gold chains but I still couldn't believe that it was $1,650 for the full piece.

I could not and would not spend that much. I mean, more power to them if people are buying the pieces and can afford it, but I needed an alternative.

Soooooooooooo.......I made my own.

I used silk flowers, champagne colored wire, some clear wire and a few others tools. I spent about 4-5 hours on the piece. I didn't spend anywhere NEAR $1,650 to complete this. Nor did I even get close to spending $250. Now I know it's not an EXACT match, but it's close enough where I am happy.

$1,650 headpiece on the left, my creation on the right

Detailed shot of embellished headband with crystal beads, rhinestones and faux pearls

How piece photographs in evening without natural light

Back of headband is detailed as well. I didn't want any green steams showing

My hair isn't done properly and the chain piece has gaping so you can weave (braid) it into your hair so it has a more waterfall form.

I am actually considering making some or taking some custom orders. If anyone is interested shoot me an email: