I L-U-V Daile

So if I haven't mentioned this before....I am getting married in 3 months.

Like most brides I am trying to take a little better care of myself in preparation for the big day. A big important factor to me is skin. Now I mentioned this in a past post but my skin is a combination of oily and sensitive. I have cystic acne but take medication so I don't get cystic breakouts any longer. Now I get the occasional stress pimple (usually ALWAYS on my chin) and maybe a pre-cycle lil diddy, but for the most part I have the pimple situation under control. Now as for the youthfulness of my skin I wasn't really into trying to maintain youthful looking skin until this past year (cause like...I'm getting old). I started to notice some fine lines and less of that glow I use to have. I had toyed with some products a while ago but they all made me break out horribly. I decided to just put those "age locking" products on the back burner....but then I heard of Daile.

I actually saw an Instagrammer post about it and even before she did I always noticed how fresh faced she appeared to be. It wasn't even that "I am young and my skin is extra bouncy" type thing. It was like "I use something that makes my skin look like a Disney princess" and I thus assumed it was some crazy overpriced syrum made from whale sperm and that was that. NOPE, instead she posted a picture of her magic friend Daile.

So one of my favorite things a company can do is offer samples. It's like instant trust. I feel any company who believes in their product enough to offer a sample at a small price is a company worth looking into. Daile offers three small packets for $8. Well it's really $3 for three packets and S&H is another $5 but STILL. To top that sweet offer off, if you decide you can't live without it and want to buy the jar you get that $8 towards the purchase of the jar. Also it's vegan and gluten free!

So now is the fun part, my actual review of the product. I love it. Not in that "It's nice and I might like....try it again sometime or it could work for this friend I know" I mean love in the "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE." I just went through my first packet (2 more to go yay!) and it lasted about a week. I applied the product every night and every morning. My routine was as follows: Every morning after showering or washing my face with Purpose face wash I would apply a dime size amount to my face and neck. I would let the product dry/absorb for about 5 minutes before applying a light SPF. I found it kept my skin hydrated all day and actually helps combat my oily skin. Usually I need to blot oil away 2-3 times a day. I have found I need to blot 1-2 times a day depending on how long I am wearing makeup. On a normal day I only wear a bit of concealer on trouble spots. If I am going out for any reason I wear concealer on trouble spots then a light powder over it. I found Daile was compatible with both and didn't cause cracking, creasing, uneven tones or anything like that. At the end of the day I remove any makeup and then use a toner of half ACV and half filtered water to kill bacteria and nutralize my skin. I don't use a face wash at night. I find it dries my skin somehow. I then dot on my eye cream and then apply Daile (this time a little more than a dime size) over my face and neck. I love how is absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy. Its super light weight and almost like a smooth light velvet veil over my face and neck. It has hardly any odor but kills that horrible ACV smell. My skin feels baby soft and I have noticed SO MUCH difference in the overall texture of my skin. Sometimes I felt like my skin (mostyle my cheeks under my eyes and near my nose) had the texture of an orange. Slightly bumpy and large pores (sexy I know) but now it appears so much more smooth. I was starting to get a slight smile line on my left cheek and I can barely notice is now. My pores look smaller and I notice my skin tone is more even. It's seriously my favorite new product.

For how/why is works see below from their website.


Astragalus Root aids DNA at the shortened, frayed telomeres, where it raises levels of the enzyme telomerase, a critical component to the healthy reproduction of new skin cells. Frayed telomers cause your DNA replication to slow and your cell aging process to begin and advance. Strong telomers will support your DNA cell structure and the ability to create new, healthy skin cells.
Retinol is used for collagen boosting.
Argireline & Matrixyl 3000 are used to to diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

So thanks Daile! You're helping make this soon to be bride feel that much better about her big day.