White Hats and Bell Bottoms

I have finally accepted the fact that winter will not be happening in LA this year. Not that it ever really gets "cold" here but usually I can at least wear a nice big sweater for a few days in January. Well, not this year. So I decided to just embrace it and dress in my summer best this weekend.

I am really excited bell bottoms are back. I know people have mixed feeling on them. I always liked the touch of flirtiness to them. I think they add sexy curves as well. I decided to save the splurge until I found a really good wash in a high rise that I like. I opted for these dark mid rise ones in the mean time.

I paired them with a bohemian printed blouse that you can wear either off the shoulders or covering the shoulders. I think a flash of bare shoulders can go a long way.

To add a polished touch I opted to wear a bright white wool floppy hat. I love this hat and can't wait to try it out with future spring and summer looks. It's one of those great pieces that really ties a look together.

Hat: Aurora Hat in White $52 // Broke Girl Style // shop it here

Blouse: Zuma Beach Top $19.50 // Broke Girl Style // shop it here

Necklace and bracelet: Sample sale $10 each // Vanessa Mooney // shop similar here

Pants: Classic Flare Jeans $15 // Forever 21 // shop it here

Purse: BDG Suede Crossbody Saddle Bag $39 // Urban Outfitters // shop it here

Soda: Coca Cola // $1 // It's bad for you so try not to drink too much of it :D