Making The Move

Well the wedding has finally happened, which means I will have more time to blog again!

We don't go on our honeymoon until end of November so life went back to reality pretty fast after the big day. We went to Disneyland for the day two days after the wedding to help decompress and then I got strep throat. I guess my body was telling me it was time to relax and get some sleep. In a weird way it was nice to be stuck in bed for nearly two weeks.

In bigger news, the Mr. and I have now officially decided we will be relocating to Portland, OR the beginning of July. For me, it will be a move back to the only city that has ever felt like home. For my husband it will be a whole new experience. He gone on three trips with me and each time the city grew on him more and more. It will definitely be an adjustment but I am excited to relive and explore Portland all over again with him. I am a bit concerned about our baby Bear. He definitely will miss the sun so I have been looking at dog happy lamps. Yes, that is a real thing. Angel will need a new rain coat, but she'll fit right back in.

We made a list of places we want to see before we leave LA and so far have been spending our weekends trying to do as many of them as possible. We are trying to connect with friends as much as possible before we go too. It will be a pretty crazy next 5 weeks while we pack and get ready for our move, see as much of LA as possible and a trip to the midwest too!

I am excited to get to play dress up as much as possible until I return to the overcast skies (which I love, don't get me wrong)

The other night we went to the Magical Castle for a friends birthday party. I was re-posted by Luna B and there were inquires on where I got my bag and shoes!

This beautiful sheer lace dress is from Luna B and under $50! I am wearing my Free People romper slip under it but the dress comes with a white slip. I just like have a romper to avoid a butt exposure. The shoes are from Go Jane. They are really comfortable and a huge style steal for less than $30!! The bag I purchased on Posh Mark. If you don't use Posh Mark yet you're totally missing out. I suggest downloading the app ASAP.

Dress: Fairytale Dress in white, buy it here.

Romper slip: Seamless Romper in black, buy it here.

Shoes: Lace Be Honest, buy it here.

Bag: PoshMark app, searched for "fringe bucket bag"