Beauty Must Haves: June

I have fallen in love with some great beauty products recently and thought I'd share them with you!

I'll start from the top(ish) and go as close to clock wise as my wonky layout will let me.

Melatonin Spray
Beauty sleep is no joke. That little saying has stood the test of time for a reason. Lack of sleep can not only show on your face(hi dark circles and puffy eyes) but it also tends to lead to poor food choices the next day and a crappy attitude. They say happy women are the prettiest, right??? A lot of times when we skimp on sleep we are more drawn to sugary or high fat foods the next day not to mention, overeating. Those choices can lead to bloating and your skin breaking out from poor eating habits. No one likes feeling sluggish, bloated or seeing a few pimples pop up.
My best friend had originally ordered me some chewable tablets during my wedding planning because I was suffering from insomnia. No bride-to-be likes waking up feeling and looking like crap day in and day out. I'm thankful she introduced me to this magic. The tablets were really great at getting the job done but I would easily need a full 8-9 hours of sleep to not feel like I had taken an elephant tranquilizer the next day. I believe they were 5 MG per tablet. I like this spray more because it's only 1.5 MG per spray and usually 1-2 sprays will help me fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night. I don't wake up feeling groggy at all. The taste isn't AMAZING but it's also not terrible. I suggest taking it about 15-20 minutes before bedtime. I like to do a little spray if I am not feeling tired then do my nightly beauty routine.
Buy yours here for about $20!

Leg Oil
So I don't remember exactly how I stumbled onto Town and Anchors site but it is probably safe to assume it was via Pinterest or from Instagram. I saw a post about their Leg Oil helping minimize cellulite. Now I don't see in the product description on their website saying anything about cellulite but I know that is why I purchased it. Now if you are not aware, pretty much every woman on the planet has cellulite somewhere on their body. I think the jury is still out if Gisele Bundchen is obsolete of it. Cellulite is one of the many "blessings" bestowed onto us women. There is some research out there saying it's genetic, hormonal and so on. It also exists in woman of every shape, size and ethnic background, although how much and where varies person to person. YOUR CELLULITE IS LIKE A UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE. There is also no evidence of a cure all magic pill, although, yes, a healthy diet and exercise definitely helps. I bet all that information makes you feel really hopeful and happy doesn't it? The good news is cellulite is a very superficial thing that use to be considered normal and it didn't even have a name until the 1920's BUT I understand why some people are more sensitive to having it than others. I happen to hate mine. I'm not ashamed to admit that if I had a ton of money I'd get that shit lasered off Khloe Kardashian style. So until I win the lottery or that check from the Princess of Zimbabwe clears in my bank account I am just going to have to try all the topical products out there.
I'm happy to say I actually noticed a difference. Yup, you heard me. I saw my cellulite diminish by a noticeable percentage. How I do I even percent that accurately? It diminished by....err.....maybe 40%?? There are two big ingredients in the product that have been shown effective on diminishing the look of cellulite on a superficial level (aka what your naked eye sees at the skin's surface). Apricot Kernel oil and coffee. I'm sure you've seen DIY coffee scrubs all over Pinterest. I like this oil better because I don't have to deal with the messy coffee grounds plus you have the apricot kernel oil which adds the extra POW. I like to massage this into my trouble spots after I get out of the shower. Your skin tends to absorb oils/moisturizes more efficiently after a shower/bath. I like the smell but it does tend to lean on a more masculine smell than frilly and feminine. The good news is the smell doesn't overly linger afterwards.
Buy it here for $26

BB/CC Cream
I have an amazing foundation but I like to wear it only on special occasians. Not because it has a cakey look or feels heavy but because it's ridiculously expensive. Also I think less is more during normal day looks. I went with the Bare Minerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream because it has SPF 30 in it and works like a BB and CC cream. I'm getting old(er) and I want to get carded for drinks for at least another 2 years so I am starting to take better care of my skin. We all know one of the biggest culprits to "aged" looking skin is sun damage so anything with SPF is a must for me now. At first I got a darker shade of the cream but it was too dark. It looked better blended into my hand but on my face I looked a bit orange. I opted for Ginger 06 after returning the other one. It has a subtle golden hue to it. I apply about a nickle size amount to my fingertips then blend into my face in a fashion similar to my moisturizer. If I notice a few areas needed a little extra coverage I will tap a tad more into those spots. I basically am living a concealer free life after purchasing this. It has a great creamy texture that leaves my skin looking dewy, not oily. Plus it's mineral based which is great for all of us with sensitive skin.
Buy it here for $29

Eyebrow Powder
It always drove me a bit nuts how so many cosmetic companies limited eyebrow powders and pencils to like.....3 shades. You basically get to choose from colors like Dishwater, Poop and Dirt. No thanks. I love this palette because it's super affordable and comes with 6 different shades. This allows you to customize your color to match your brows. I have a few overplucked spots that need a little filling in and this palette allows me to match it perfectly. I use to be a pencil girl but noticed the powder gives a softer effect which is better for my overall beauty routine. It comes with a great brush that is thin and angled the apply with better precision.
Buy it here for $12

Under eye primer
Remember how I told you I wasn't sleeping? Well during that time I discovered an amazing under eye concealer but was lacking a good primer. There are a lot out there and to be honest I choose this because I was already at Target and you can't beat the price. I feel like it's an amazing primer. It helps hydrate the skin and allows your concealer to go on without any of those nasty creases or that dry cracked look that tends to appear an hour later. I simply blend a few dots under my eyes very gently. I let it dry for about a minute or two before applying my under eye concealer.
Buy it here for $3

Lipsticks and tinted balms
So a good lipstick is really hard for me to find. Most of them give a real clown effect on me. If they have any sort of sheen or pearl texture to them I look like I'm wearing frosted Lip Smacker chapstick. The other half of the time they end up being too light to see a difference or overly pigmented then lay flat on my lips. A lot of times the pinks come out more purple and the reds come out more orange. It has to do with the natural shade of my lips and my skin tone. Usually I do a lip stain then my go to Rose Bud Lip Salve but I like the look of a good creamy lipstick. I am really into textures. I had been looking for a good "nude" or "natural" lip color that would give me that perfect Angelina Jolie pout. I love how her lips always look hydrated but not glossy and the color is natural looking but not flat. I had to find a lipstick that could do this.
I'm glad I discovered Nudus . I had seen a few beauty writers and bloggers raving about the shade 27 Kisses, but worried again that the color would not show up on me. I love that the product is not only cruelty free but also organic. I get weirded out by the idea of having whale fat on my mouth. I put off ordering it for a while because spending money on a lipstick over $30 that may not even show up on me stressed out my bank account. Luckily I saw one of their stockist, Integrity Botanicals, offered samples at $2.50 a piece. I loooove when companies give samples. I ordered three shades (just to try out the three I was most drawn to) and all three were really great but 27 Kisses was definitely my favorite. It didn't show up as a dull nude lip color and doesn't dry out your lips. If I feel like they are feeling a tad dry after a few hours I just apply a small dab of my Rose salve in the center of my pout and I'm good to go. I highly, highly recommend this shade for anyone looking for the perfect nude, natural lipstick.
Buy it here for $35
So remember how I said I usually apply a lip stain and some salve as my normal go to? Well sometimes applying both while you're on the go can be a pain. Also most lip stains come in a marker-ish applicator and nothing causes some raised eyebrows like looking like you're drawing on your face with a magic marker. So I was looking for a good tinted lip balm to throw in my purse for on the go and in public touch ups. I really love this BB Lip balm by Bite. It has SPF in it which is great for summer since sunburnt lips are literally THE WORST. It keeps my lips super hydrated and gives them that stain look, plus it smells AH-MAZING. I got mine in the color Dolce because darker colored lip balms tend to not read as dark on my lips. I would not recommend this color for everyone. I highly suggest testing out the colors first.
Buy it here for $24

Eye shadow palette
I am a big supporter of eye shadow palettes because it means less space is taken up in my makeup bags and they are easier for traveling. I grabbed this NYX palette called "Love in Paris" in the shades Madeleines and Macaroons on a whim while I was at CVS. I love NYX products. They are super affordable and cruelty free! This palette is great for achieving a subtle fresh summer look. It reminds me of Natalie Portman. She always looks so fresh and effortless. The soft neutral browns and touch of peach/pink tones are great for day and night looks.
Buy it here for $5

Foundation sponges

A sponge can really make or break how your foundation lays on your skin. My friend turned me onto these amazing cashmere sponges. I love them because they don't overly absorb all the product so less is wasted and they apply the product on a thin layer. This way your have more control on how heavy of a look you want. I like to use my Giorgio Armani foundation with this for special occasions or a long night out. I applying the foundation onto my face with my fingertip in dots the size of a dime. I try to apply the dots as follows: one on the bridge of my nose, one on the center on my chin, two on each side of my face near my jawline (one closer to my ear and one closer towards my chin), one of the center of each cheek (right under the center of my cheekbone) and then two on the forehead (each one above the center of my eyebrow). I then use the sponge to blend. DO NOT blend in a streak motion. I then dab my face in a light patting motion with the sponge. It creates a really beautiful airbrushed looked.
Buy it here for $8

Nail polish
Summer nail polish for me use to mean bright melon and pink hues. Now that I am getting older I realize that those colors very rarely blend with my wardrobe. Now I play with colors in metallics and dusty tones. My two current favorite colors are by Essie in Penny Talk and Angora Cardi. I usually only treat myself to a mani/pedi maybe twice a year. I have achieved pretty decent skills at home to take care of my hands and feet so I like a good nail polish brand that I can pick up from the local drugstore and that doesn't chip off two days later. Essie always has really fun colors at affordable prices.
Buy them here and here for $8.50 each

Face cleanser
Last but definitely not least let me talk about my new favorite face cleanser. I like having the feeling of squeaky clean skin but hate how most products strip away natural oils and leave skin super dry. I have oily skin. Especially on my nose. This means my nose area gets really congested. Face scrubs always make my skin feel amazing but I could only handle doing a face scrub once a week since I have combination oily/sensitive skin. I wanted a product I could use every day. This enzyme peel by Amore Pacific is gentle enough to use daily but also gives the feeling and result of a scrub. Despite being called a peel it doesn't leave your skin raw or red like most peels can. The papaya enzymes help get rid of dead surface skin and brighten your complexion. The company uses Asian beauty ingredients which are known to help dull the signs of aging. I found out most Asian cultures usually follow a 12-17 step skin care regimen every day, twice a day. No wonder their skin is so amazing. This products powder releases in a self measured amount every time so you don't overuse the product and waste it. Which is good since this stuff doesn't come cheap. Because you have to dispense the product into your hand and it's a powder I don't suggest using it in the shower. I like to use it after I get out of the shower. I dispense the pre-measured amount into one hand, add the water, and use my other hand the mix the two together. I then use both hands to massage it onto my face. I then leave it on my skin for an additional minute. Once you rinse your skin with feel really soft and clean without feeling dry. I have not experienced any redness or irritation from this product. I use it 4-6 times a week.
Buy it here for $60

I hope you enjoyed discovering some new products!