Boho Chic Part 1

I would  say that 80% of my overall style falls into the "boho chic" category.  I love a good hat, killer boots and a statement coat.

It's obviously cold in Portland now so get ready for all the layering I can manage.

I fell in love with this hat from Forever 21 when I was buying my hubby some thick and affordable winter scarves. 

The color is a beautiful dark blue and the tassel/cord detail adds a unique flare.  I have already received so many compliments on this hat.  I think people are surprised when I tell them where it's from!

I won this bag from an Instagram contest.  I probably use this bag about 3-4 days a week.  It's so durable and holds everything. I carried around my friends Pomeranian puppy in it last weekend.  

I feel so thankful to have been able to win this beautiful piece.  Rais Case has sooo many drool worthy bags. I have my eyes on a few clutches! 

These boots HAD to be in my closet.  A certain celebrity had collaborated with a well known boho footwear company to create a similar look but they were not in my budget.  

I have been dying for boots with this kind of detail for a while.  I am glad I was able to wait it out and find a similar aesthetic at an affordable price. 

These are one of my favorite pair of jeans.  It's pretty rare I find a pair of jeans this comfortable, affordable and that fit without needing alterations.  I love the bit of stretch they provide.



Hat: Forever 21 $15.90 Buy It Here

Bag: Raise Case $290 Buy It Here

Boots: Missguided $68 Buy Them Here

Jeans: Articles of Society $59 Buy Them Here