November Must Haves

Fall has officially fallen up here in the pacific northwest!  The air is crisp, the leaves are ablaze with color and rain has made my dogs terrified to go to the bathroom!

I compiled a list of my "must have" items that are going to help me get through this month so hopefully they help you too (and if they don't you probably live in Los Angeles)

1.  Let's make your hair look better

Part of crisp autumn air for me also means hella untamed frizz and duling locks.  Ya feel me? The sun isn't shining as much so the world is less likely to notice my/your luminous highlights. The thick overcast sort of makes my hair look "blah" and their rain is making a flock of fly aways .  Oh you too?  Well I am happy to introduce you to Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil.  Added shine.  Less frizz. Heat protection. Delicious smell that makes me want baked goods.  Doesn't leave your hair greasy.   Buy the sexy hair savior here for $39

2. Protect yourself from that rain stuff

There may be nothing worse than going out into the rain unprotected because you don't want to deal with shleping around an umbrella all night.  First off, there's a chance if your destination has an umbrella holder that your umbrella could be stolen.  Secondly, by stolen I mean you could forget you put it in the holder and leave it there.  This is usually because of alcohol...... So my  solution is buying a "purse" umbrella.   Easily compacts down like a transformer and fits into your purse.  Plus they usually make them in cute fun prints.  Sassy.  Buy yours here for $15.

3. Protect your shoes from that rain stuff too

So.....I have a lot of suede and leather boots.  Suede and leather do not like water.  This will keep your shoes safe and sound from all that rain.  Buy it here for $9.

4.  If you don't want to spray your shoes...ADD GLITTER!

You know what can be really boring?? RAINBOOTS.  But guess what?  NOT THESE RAINBOOTS.  There are a ton of really fun rainboots out on the market now but these sparkly bad boys stole my heart.  Nothing jazzes up an all black ensemble like glitter!  Get yours at Mod Cloth here for $40!

5. Rock the sock

When starting to incorporate layers into my cold weather wardrobe it's sometimes hard to keep a look flirty.  I personally love a good over the knee sock to achieve this. I actually accidently purchased these tights from H&M thinking they were just normal tights BUT THEY WERE SO MUCH MORE.  These are tights with a faux over the knee sock.  Taking that layered look and making it one step easier to put on and take off.  These are stupid cute so buy a pair (or 3)for yourself here from only $10.

6.  Keep your ears looking sweet

With more big fuzzy sweaters means less layered necklaces.  I find myself gravitating towards earrings more during the autumn and winter months since I am usually in a turtleneck or a scarf.  I love these jacket style earrings from Gabrielle De La Garza.  Snag a pair perfect for any casual or formal outfit for $16 here.

7. Your DIY beauty trick for the month

No matter how much tea and water I guzzle down I can feel my lips/skin getting more dry  as the temperatures drop. I am really into DIY beauty treatments that are dummy proof and cheap.  There a ton of amazing scrubs recipes on Pinterest but brown sugar scrubs are one of my favorite since I always have brown sugar in the house and they usually taste the best (if used on your lips) and smell the best on your skin after using.  Browse recipes here.