All Choked Up



So if there's one obsession I have jewelry wise, it's necklaces.  My favorite kind: chokers.

You're probably seeing them everywhere right now.  The boho IT girl knows that the struggle is real when wanting to find affordable chokers.

I created a list of my favorite budget friendly chokers below from some of my favorite stores!




Lita Choker: Free People $28

I personally own this choker.  I opted for the silver color.  I trust Free People for better quality metal jewelry.  I know it will have some weight to it and not feel cheap.  It's not too shiny of a silver color and you can't beat the price. Buy it here.


Velvet Gem Choker: Forever 21  $6

When it comes to velvet chokers it's best to spend less.  The material doesn't require a lot of quality and if you are just looking for a fun simple charm it's best to choose Forever 21 for your velvet choker needs!  Buy it here

Drop Choker Necklace: ASOS $10

I love the delicate look of a drop choker necklace like this gold ASOS one.  It has the perfect amount of detail while still being simple and delicate. Bonus, it's on sale.  Buy it here.

Gold Star Choker: ASOS  $27

I really love this playful design.  I have an obsession with star printed clothing and this choker really speaks to me.  It would be great to dress up with a cute LBD or just add flair with a simple top and jeans.  Don't worry about it irritating  your neck.  It's cloth and not metal.  Buy it here.

Leather Whip Choker: Vanessa Mooney $38

This choker comes in three color, but I love the unique grey color and effortless cool look of this line and design.  It's made of leather so the price is a bit steeper but Vanessa Mooney makes amazing quality pieces.  Buy it here.  

Asana Rhinestone and Pearl Choker: Child of Wild $88

The price tag is more than the other chokers I have posted but this beauty really takes the cake.  The rhinestone and pearl detail makes this the ultimate luxury choker and worth every penny. Buy it here.