#BeyondTheGram Ch 1

Lately socially media has taken a big backlash.  I actually started to write a long novel on this post about my opinions on it all then deleted it.  I didn't want to rant about my feelings on the subject matter because #BeyondTheGram isn't about my opinion or feelings.  #BeyondTheGram is about showing you the person behind the IG account that you don't get to see in the photos and captions. #BeyondTheGram is about empowering the women and men behind what you may perceive of them according to their feed.   In this day and age with everyone saying IG is nothing but fake and superficial I think it's important to show the REAL people behind the IG accounts. Everyone has a story and beautiful layers to them.  It's not all pretty filters and avocado toast :D

Chapter 1

My first pick was my friend Gabrielle.  I met Gabby when I lived in LA and worked at BCBG with her.  Yes, we survived retail together.  I knew I wanted to interview her first because her life is incredibly exciting to watch on Instagram and Snapchat. This girl seems to have it all!  She is always dressed fabulously.  She is always spending time with her friends and family.  She attends magazine parties and galas.  She babysits her ridiculously adorable niece and nephew constantly.  She eats all the delicious foods 24/7.  Even her workout outfits are stylish. I think she sleeps, but I'm not sure. Despite her busy schedule I knew she was going to take a lot of time and thoughtfulness answering these questions. I actually learned A LOT about her from reading this.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Gabby #BeyondTheGram

IG handle: @gabrielledlg

Blog/Website: www.gabrielledelagarza.com

Nickname: Gabby

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Current town/city you hang our hat: San Antonio, Texas

On IG I express myself as a....: A Creative Type

When I was younger I spent most of my time.....: Theatre, church, and the great outdoors was where I spent most of my time. My friends called my sister and I the "wilderness girls". I grew up in a small home with a white picket fence in the country, our nearest neighbor was about 1 mile down the street. We didn't have cable and instead of legos or barbies, we had some wild imaginations. My sister and I grew up with some pretty imaginative parents as well, every time our friends came over, they had a theme or craft ready for us. Even if we were cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, we would dress up in 50s attire, serve our food on skates and make fun flavored milk shakes. We were also pet lovers, we had a few dogs, bunnies, goat, and huge cage that my dad built outside, that we filled with exotic birds, doves, and chickens with. Its funny that I'm in fashion now, because I use to hate putting on shoes and clothes, but If I did, I was always in animal print, go figure! haha. 

If you asked high school me what I was going to be when I grew up I would say: Actress

A talent or skill most people don't know I have: I use to be a puppeteer for Sunday School at my local church. I know I know, but It was a tough job to keep your hand up and moving for 30 mins! 

A goal I am most proud of NOT related to my IG persona: While I was living in Los Angeles, I joined a nonprofit, Red Eye. Every Saturday we would visit low income housing in Downtown LA and would mentor the youth using Creative Arts. On special holidays we would partner with companies in Los Angeles that would donate clothing, food, and give makeovers to men and women who were in transition from the streets to getting jobs. I've helped give women who came out of substance abuse, gangs, and prostitution, complete makeovers during my time there. It has been the most rewarding to see these women truly transform from the outside in. I wish to do more community projects like this in the near future as well. 

A charity I am a part of and feel is important is: Dress for Success, Red Eye, Artisan Apparel, and Battered Women's Shelter. 

Three words I think explain me best  are: Creative, Positive, Loving

A simple pleasure I enjoy/little things that put a smile on my face and why they help me feel better/relieve stress: Words of affirmation are my love language, I get so excited when someone writes me a note or sends me a positive message. 

The best/worst day recently for me was: I remember about 4 yrs ago I was living in LA, and I had 13 bucks in my banking account and a $20 in cash, on a Monday, I wasn't going to get paid till Friday. Yeah! Major freak out moment, how was I going to make 30 bucks last when gas was $5 a gallon. Being a Women of Faith, I prayed, I asked God to send me money, and all I couldn't help but think God would probably respond by saying "Ummm, well don't be spending money on these $15 juices and Kale Salads". #SoLA All Kidding aside, that day after work I overheard a guy talking with his friend, he was telling him that he didn't have any money, not a cent to his name, he lost his job, etc. I thought to myself, "Same here". My heart strings were pulling me hard, he seemed in a worse place than I did, and I kept hearing, "Give him your $20". I struggled for about 15min. I did NOT want to give it up. He got up and started walking off and that voice in my head was even louder, "GIVE HIM THE $20!". I finally ran to catch him, and handed him the $20, and said "God Bless You." As I walked away, I again realized, I only have 13 bucks in my bank account. Wonderful! I remember coming home after and my roommate had an awesome dinner cooked, I didn't tell her my financial situation at all, I was so embarrassed. My prayer that night was very short and to the point. "God, please provide for me this week." The day after, my boss bought us lunch (Thank God), when I got home that night I went through my mail and noticed a letter from the company I use to work for. I opened it and there was a check for $200.00. This might seem odd to you, but at that time I just broke down into tears, this day became the worst/best day. Not because I came out with some extra cash, but because I felt God was really watching out for me and providing for my exact needs. He also used the little of what I had to bless someone as well.  

My biggest accomplishment in life so far:  My designs were featured in the GENLUX magazine. Seeing my name under Donna Karen and Alexander McQueen was AWESOMENESS overload. And the cherry on top was me being quoted in the Hollywood Reporter in the same paragraph as the Kardashians and Lucy Hale. Not bad for a country girl born in San Antonio with a dream in heart and the gumption to go get it! I believe when you make your dreams bigger than your past you can become unstoppable.

My biggest advice to others: This advice is actual passed down from my mom, she always told us to do our "Math" when picking friends and getting into relationships. There are people who will add, subtract, multiply, and divided, so choose your friends wisely. Not everybody is going where you’re going. Align yourself with the right people. Who are you hanging out with?” I have always been intentional with those I let in (or don’t) because I know they are a reflection of who I am and where I’m going. I purpose those in my life who are encouragers, mentors, wiser, and who align with my goals.

Why I think social media is important and why I use it to express myself/push my career: Social Media has been very helpful when pushing my brand and designs, and is a great marketing tool for my business. My personal account reflects the highlights of my life, mainly the good ones. Haha. You'll probably never see the time my heart got broken, the time there was 13 bucks in my bank account, or the time I felt like the world was caving in on me. We all go through our ups and downs, and I encourage you to be as authentic as possible not only on Social Media, but in life. <3

Thank you for reading, It's been a joy to answer these questions!  -GDLG


I also asked Gabby to attach a photo that is not connected to her IG persona.  I wanted to show one photo of her in her true element and one photo that was staged. I hope to show that between the two very different photos is the same beautiful person.  

Gabby volunteering at Red Eye

Gabrielle looking stylish in Beverly Hills.