Ankit Headphones

I have been searching for some headphones since right now I only have earbuds and I usually use those at the gym.  

My problem is they are usually waaaaayyyyyyyyyy over budget or I feel underwhelmed by the look and design.

I was so excited to see these beautiful headphones from Ankit

They have four different floral designs for you to choose from.




I got the black pastel floral but I am already eyeing the white design as well!

I love how comfortably they fit over my ears and the sound quality has already made it through a flight!

I wore these on a trip to Vegas and they were so comfy for the two hour flight, I was able to hear my podcasts amazingly well and of course they are sooooo cute!

Most importantly....they are Angel approved!

Buy your Ankit headphones here for only $29.99!!!!