Youth To The People

I am a lover of organic skin care.  I have extremely sensitive and oily skin.  Products full of chemicals usually lead my skin to react terribly.

Youth To The People is a skin care line that is: organic, vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, dye free and paraben free.  Added bonus, they use recycled material for their packaging. 

When I reviewed the ingredients it read like a salad for my face/my regular grocery list.  I was curious since now I fall under "mature skin" aka I am 30 and my skin is changing so my beauty regimen is too.  I have been using The Set for about a month now and here is my review of Youth To The People

The Cleanser:  First I love how big the bottle is. You really get your bang for your buck with this one.  I use one pump in the morning and two pumps at night IF I wore makeup that day. It does a great job of getting all the day's residue off.  I ALWAYS wash my face and neck.  I think a lot of people ignore the neck region.  I like how there isn't a strong scent and even though they say the face wash isn't drying I did notice if I did NOT follow up with their serum and moisturizer that my face felt dried out. Grade: B

The Serum:  I love this serum.  It's light and doesn't have that stickiness some serums seem to have.  It basically feels like water on your face.  I use this morning AND night. I use this after my aztec indian clay masks and it calms down that redness you get afterwards right away.  It's super light and leaves my skin feeling like satin. Grade: A+

The Moisturizer:  I use this only in the morning.  I did spend about two weeks using it at night but found my usual go to worked better in hydrating my skin as I slept.  I do really like this moisturizer though.  It's not watery but it's not overly thick.  I put it on after the serum and let it all settle in for about 5 minutes before I put on my concealer or primer, depending on the day.  It works great with makeup and leaves my skin hydrated.  Added bonus, they provide a mini spatula for you to use so you don't have to dive your fingers into it every time and contaminate it with germs.  Grade: A-

Overall thoughts:  The golden child in this set is definitely the serum.  Next on the list is the moisturizer but I can't be certain if I would love it as much alone without the serum. I did notice an overall softness in my skin and even less oil on my face by the end of the day.  I do wish the products came with suggested usage like: Use two pumps of The Serum each morning and night ect.  I just kind of winged it for the first two weeks seeing what worked best for me.  Maybe that's why I noticed dryness? I am uncertain if I was over or underusing the product.  My skin never broke out from these products or showed any signs of distress, but also on that note I didn't notice much change in my skin overall besides a decrease in oil.  Now that that is out of the way, my skin isn't the worse in the world.  I don't get breakouts very much but I sought this line out more for how to treat my skin in the aging process, overall texture and appearance.   I love the company's ethics and will definitely keep purchasing the serum and suggest you give the serum a go to.