Clare Bare Lingerie

Lingerie is something that I have always adored but have had a hard time finding pieces that reflected my personality and fit my body so I felt confident. 

So to go down the road of "body types" I have never been great at labeling mine. And apparently this now required in order to shop "correctly" for your figure.  I have a long torso, slim frame and a small bust.  I know there are a lot of food and geometric shapes that society likes to categorize women in so maybe I am upside down carrot shaped?  

While back in my later teens and early 20's I was all about a push up it seems pointless.  My girls are petite and there is no (natural) way of changing that.  Sometimes I get defeated shopping for lingerie.  The balcony bras have nothing they need to hold up.  The lace push up bras make me feel like I'm padded to go play football.  The materials are itchy and honestly....usually cheap looking.  Why am I spending $65 on a bra that looks more flammable than Dolly Parton's* hair?

*I love Dolly Parton but let's be honest...lady uses a can of hairspray a day.

I usually find myself gravitating to independent lingerie designers, like Clare Bare.  I love her attention to detail and how she knows women's bodies are not all one size.  I was lucky enough to get to romp around in her designs during my staycation at Society Hotel.  First off I want to talk about HOW SOFT her materials are.  

The lingerie I wore is made from bamboo jersey so it feels like your skin is being kissed by her designs.  I have to go down that road and talk about nipple chaffing.  I like to assume this is an issue most women have.  There is none of that with Clare Bare.  The fabric is too heavenly to inflict any trauma on your skin.  Secondly I love how sassy and sexy I felt in it!  The Roulette bralette isn't a padded bra but it still cupped and carried my little ladies perfectly. In the photo below you can see how wonderfully my ladies rested in the bralette.

I sported two types of panties for this shoot.  One was the Surrender Panty in black (above photos) and the other was the Native Hipster Panty in black.  I love the adjustable clasps to make the fit perfect for your hips!  I don't believe woman come in a few standard sizes.  These adjustable straps (think the straps you normally find on your bra) allow you to fit the panties perfectly to your body.  The cherry on top was definitely the Westward Garter Belt.  Garter belts are classically sexy.  I believe every woman should own one.  The problem I've found with most of them is, again, they come in a mix of standard sizes.  The double straps on this belt has adjustable straps again!  So this garter belt will fit absolutely perfect, like it was painted onto your skin.

I absolutely adore Clare Bare and her designs.  If you are looking to treat yourself or your lady then definitely get something from Clare Bare.  The pieces are gorgeous, sexy, sassy, unconventional, AND eco friendly.

Since Valentine's Day is this weekend here is my top Valentine's Day pick if you are don't know what to get for your lady or you want to treat yourself!  Nothing screams love more than this dreamy shade and gorgeous design!

Adorella Bralette in Raspberry: Buy It Here

Adorella Panty in Raspberry:  Buy It Here