Lavender Oil-Free Clarifying Serum // Angel Face Botanicals

Hello my name is Nicole and I am a lazy night time beauty routine person.  I want to brush my teeth put a lil something on my face and fall into bed.  I really can't handle those 5 step beauty products you need to put on at night.  It takes too long....for me.  I am so tired by the end of the day that I get super lazy at night. I think that's where my love of serums stems from. I love how they do it all in one product while I am sleeping. 

I love putting Angel Face Botanicals Lavender Oil-Free Serum on before bed.  It's like silk for your face. I usually wash my face at night with Angel Face Botanicals Charcoal Face Wash then put this one while my skin is still damp from rinsing my face. My skin soaks up all the goodness. When I use to moisturizer before bed my skin would get too oily and break out into small white heads during the night on my chin. Not to be too gross but I have to sleep with my Invisalign retainer on at night and sometimes drool in my sleep from this. Either with or without moisturizer my chin will usually break out. Somehow this serum blocks any sort of oil, dirt and yes, drool from clogging my pores.

Let's talk about the added bonus of the lavender in this product. I love the subtle lavender smell (so does my husband). It helps calm me for a nights rest.  Since lavender is a natural essential oil found to reduce stress and induce sleep it's the perfect nighttime addition to your bedtime beauty routine. My skin is nice soft every morning without being greasy or oily from my sleep. I wake up with silky soft skin from just one product!

You can buy the silky goodness here starting at $10!