Super Detox Face Wash // Angel Face Botanicals

So as you've probably noticed.....over the winter I got some bangs.  At the time they were a bit fringy and wispy but now that are officially BANGS bangs.  With that came some "side effects"  I was not prepared for....




EWWWWWW.  Mostly ew for me because I NEVER broke out on my forehead like that before.  Obviously after some intense Google rabbit hole digging it was safe the say the reason was a mix of the oil on my bangs (I have naturally oily hair towards the scalp) and the bacteria on them. GROSS GROSS GROSS.  I basically envisioned a bunch of gross bacteria bugs all over my forehead.  And while I had bangs to cover the mess the bangs made I didn't LIKE knowing they were there.

Luckily, I found my savior.

This facewash totally kicked those pimples butts.  I love this charcoal based face wash because it helps kill bacteria ALL OVER YOUR FACE but especially did the trick for me where I needed it most.  It's lightweight and doesn't over dry for being such a bad ass pimple fighting product.  

Please see the sexy graphic photo above.  You can see how red and irritated my forehead was a week ago.  The bumps are pretty apparent.  After just ONE WEEK the redness is gone, the past pimples are healing and NO new ones have sprung up.

I use this product once in the morning and once at night.  My skin feels clean without feeling stripped of it's natural oils.  I know it's made with real charcoal based on the black color.  I actually tried another charcoal face wash once and it wasn't black....which explains a lot now. This product is everything yummy: vegan, organic, paraben free, filled with green tea, essential oils AND you're supporting an independently owned business!