Light Moisturizer + Grace Toner // Angel Face Botanicals

The warm(er) summer months are fast approaching!  Usually this means more breakouts for me.  I have oily/sensitive skin so when the heat goes up my skin quality goes down.  Usually this results in my products backlashing and being too heavy for my skin.  Luckily I have what I am calling The Power Couple.  These two products are two organic peas in a pod.  

The Grace Antioxidant Facial Toner is going to become your summer must have.  Remember when Evian came out with those cans of water to mist on your face?  Well if you're still relying on those it's time to throw that crap out. Switch to this magic stuff.  It's super lightweight and refreshing.  It has a light smell that I am associating with the white tea and lavender in it. Vitamins A, B, C and E help slow the aging process and there's skin cooling aloe in it.  This is great for all you sun sensitive babes after a day at the lake or on the beach!   I love to spray this on my face after my morning shower then follow up with the Light Featherweight Moisturizer.

The Light Featherweight Moisturizer is exactly what you think it is.  A super lightweight moisturizer, which for me is a definite yes for the heat.  It goes on super smooth and my skin drinks it all up. It doesn't clog my pores and the balance of good oils in it help balance out my naturally oily skin. Yes, putting (the right) oil on your face IS good for you and this stuff packs a powerful punch with jojoba, coconut and olive oil. I like to use two pumps of this on my face and neck then follow up with a layer of sunscreen.  

Make sure to check out this power couple to keep your skin cool for the summer.