Whole Foods Summer Essentials


Whole Foods sent me a beautiful package filled with new products and samples that are perfect for summer!  Today I wanted to share my top picks of items I think are perfect for not just summer, but all year!


I have found the holy grail of face towelettes!  These are extremely gentle on your skin but do such a miraculous job of removing dirt, sweat, and makeup.  Even waterproof makeup! I have also used these on my chest, neck and underarms where I feel I sweat the most.  These are perfect for freshening up and camping. The scent is perfectly light and summery.  Bonus: they are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free.


This is the perfect hiking/picnic/movies in the park snack!  I've recently become obsessed with popcorn.  I love flavored popcorn but sometimes they are a bummer because they are too overwhelming of a flavor or you get gross residue all over your hands.  The 365 White Cheddar popcorn is perfectly seasoned and doesn't leave that weird cheesy texture on your hands.  

This is a great unisex deodorant! The scent is wonderfully light and just masculine enough where the fellas won't feel like they smells like a bouquet of flowers. It does a top notch job of absorbing wetness  for being an aluminum free deodorant.  It also is vegan and cruelty free.  I love being able to wear a natural deodorant without having to working about wetness. 

Whole Foods sent me an awesome variety of different Ener-C flavors but I wanted to share my favorite one of the bunch.  The Tangerine Grapefruit is hands down my favorite.  If you like tangy then this is your jam.  I have been working out more, spending more time in the sun and maybe not drinking as much water and I should be for how much I am sweating these days.  Ener-C is a great product to carry around in your purse or in your wallet.  It's loaded with electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants.  It also provides an energy boost.  I really love having a glass of Ener-C when I get my mid-day slump around 3/4 pm.  Also, if we're being honest, this is a hangover cure in a glass!

I received a few samples of different Aroma Crystal products but the Crystal Clear Face & Body Wash was my favorite.  It's super lightweight and has a refreshing lemongrass scent.  I love that it's a two in one product.  This is perfect for traveling and camping.  One product and your body is clean and nourished.  It's all natural, paraben and SLS free!

In a close second was their citrus scented Body Scrub.  I love citrus scents for the warmers months.  They instantly perk me up in the shower.  I am always big on body scrubs to help exfoliate but even more so in the summer months.  Using this product helped exfoliate the dead skin off without being harsh.  It's a really, really gentle scrub.  I love using this before I shave my legs.  It helps make them extra smooth, a must have for shorts weather.

Even though the tint color is a little too light for my skin tone it works amazing well on my husband.  I was putting this on his nose and ears while we were on a boat in the blazing sun and it didn't leave that weird white film on him.  I used it on a few picnics and hiking as well and it definitely did it's job on making sure we were sunburn free.  It's water resistant which is always great when you're outside and sweating.  I'm really happy to see if 100% natural and 98% certified organic. 

Soooo I basically carry this stuff everywhere with me. I have the smaller bottle which is perfect to bring in purse and beach bag.  This works wonders.  We get a TON of mosquitoes in our neighborhood and this have left me BITE FREE.  I spray it on before I walk my dogs, go hiking, go on a picnic, go day drinking outside....you get the picture. I love that it's 100% Natural/Certified Organic.  NO gross chemicals absorbing into my skin! 



Thank you again to Whole Foods for sending me so many great goodies and in such an awesome picnic bag!  I use that bag at least once a week.  Make sure to check out your local Whole Foods store to pick up some of my favorite summer essentials.  You won't regret it!