R.e.d.d. Energy Bars

When R.e.d.d. Bar contacted me about trying out their products I felt the timing could not be more perfect.  I had recently upped my workout game and my schedule is busy with summer bustle and hustle. When I am on the go I usually settle for a Kind bar but it doesn't curb my appetite and I usually and hungry again an hour later.  Having a product that you can take on the go, keep in your car or purse and gives you energy is perfect.  

What I love about this product:

-They are a local Portland based company.  Recently moving for Portland ME to Portland OR. I love supporting my local Portland brands and businesses.

-They are walnut free!  This is more personal but I am allergic to walnuts and a lot of plant based bars contain them.

- They have protein.  9 grams-10 grams!  This helps keep me feeling full for longer and avoiding that crash I get around 3 pm.

-They are soy free.  I actually include a bit of soy into my coffee each day but try to avoid it most other times.  I found a lot of the bras I liked in the past were PACKED with soy. No bueno. 

-They have a great texture.  I am definitely a texture girl, but not the way you would think.  I hate those chalky bars and bars that taste like I am chewing on a giant raisin. These bars are moist with the perfect amount of chew.  Not too much and not too little.

-They have natural caffeine in them!  This is probably why I feel so energized after I have a bar without the shakes.  


My favorite flavor was the chocolate but if you loooove peanut butter then the peanut butter one is for you.  

Where to buy-

Chocolate Flavor

Peanut Butter Flavor

Oatmeal Flavor