Runa Tea

Today I am excited to share with you an amazing tea brand called Runa.

I am a tea lover.  Hot or cold, any way you slice it, it's my jam.  I was excited to try out Runa tea since they offer an array of flavors and boast a natural caffeine boost.  I was able to sample seven in total.  Four of their iced teas and three of their energy drinks.  I like my flavors simple and not super sweet.  I loved the Hibiscus Berry and Honeysuckle Mint for their iced teas.  Both are incredibly refreshing.  I loved the Original flavor in their clean energy drink.

Runa is made from a tea leaf called guayusa which is found in the amazon. It offers a natural energy boost which is great for me since I seem to be more sensitive to caffeine these days. I found the biggest boost from their clean energy drinks.  I loved the light carbonation and smooth finish on these.  I am not a huge energy drink person since they tend to taste like chemicals but this one was tasty without being overpowering in taste.  Their iced teas are perfect for on the go. I love taking one in my car while I run errands.  

What I love MOST about this brand is what they do for the amazon.  They invest over $50,000 a year in community development, plant over 150,000 trees a year and help improve the livelihood of over 3,000 indigenous amazonian farmers.

Learn more about Runa here and where to buy the product.