Yellow Sequin Maxi Dress // DRESSFO

We were chasing the sunshine this day.  As Portland transitions into fall some days are a mix of hot and cold.  On this day to clouds would break open every few minutes to let a ray of sunshine through.  The color of this dress felt quite fitting for such a day.  I felt as though I was beckoning her majesty to stay just a few moments longer.

I seem to be drifting a bit from the normal boho style I use to rock but this frock from DRESSFO left me feeling like I was home.

I love the bold yellow hue.  The silver sequins are embroidered in such a beautiful pattern. 

It reminds me of Mediterranean tiles and itchy for a tropical vacation.

I paired the dress with a vintage choker from Morocco and my favorite brown block heels. 

Dress:  Yellow Sequin Maxi dress $38.99 from DRESSFO  BUY IT HERE