Prospurly Box

I love a good box full of goodies.  Usually boxes are geared towards one theme or thing.  I've done the beauty product boxes, world food boxes, jewerly boxes so on and so on.

What I loved about my Prospurly Box was it was a mix of everything. Here are some key notes about Prospurly.

-The box included 6-8 items that value at $80+

-Items are organic

-Items are hand crafted

-You can personalize your box!

-Each box starts at $49.95

My box included some yummy olive oil from Spain and balsamic vinegar from Italy. What food lover doesn't love both of those things!

There were also some great beauty goodies in my box.  I really enjoyed the honey scrub mask.  It was such a treat to use this in the morning to freshen up my skin and get the blood flowing.  I also took my Dreamscape roller with me on some trips to ensure a good night's sleep.

My favorite item was the Brighten Up skin serum.  I am officially obsessed.  Especially since I know it's organic.  My skin totally drinks this stuff up. 

I feel like Prospurly is a great uni-sex box.  Nothing seems too "girly" and there are products both men and women will enjoy.  This is a great box for anyone who is new to the world of box delivery.  I feel this box helps you determine is you are more of a skin care products junkie or food junkie. Either way you'll find yourself using everything in this special box. Thank you again to Prospurly for letting me enjoy such a treat!

Make sure to use code SUMMER at checkout to save 10% off your box!