Staying True To My Love Language with Country Financial

This post is sponsored by Country Financial.  All thought and opinions are my own.

I could never give up my way to show love.  I love to give gifts and the holidays are practically made for me to spread love this way.  I spent the last month budgeting and saving so I can splurge on my husband but also have money to put away for Caspians future.  Below are some tips I have for budgeting and saving to ensure a bright future for you and your family.


- Only take cash with you when you go out for things like: concerts, happy hour and brunch so you don't overspend 

- Check your bank account daily to ensure you're on track 

- Set alarms in your calendar to pay your credit card bills before their due date each month 

- Use online coupon code searches to save money online and instore! (usually stores will honor online discounts if you ask)

- Make a list when you go grocery shopping and avoid shopping on an empty stomach, you'll end up buying food you won't end up eating!

- Clean out your closet every season and look into resale websites to sell that cocktail dress you only wore once to your cousin's wedding last year! Donate more wearable pieces like jeans, sweaters and attire appropriate for job interviews

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