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We should all strive to put more natural products in and on our bodies.  The skin is the body's largest organ so shouldn't we nurture it with the good stuff?  When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to really focus on more natural skin care. I knew my body would be going through changes and need that extra TLC. I got to indulge in three amazing products from Portland, Oregon based company Live Botanical

Winter this year seems to have been extra brutal for everyone.  Here in Portland we experienced a ton of snow. My skin was so dry I was getting bruises on my legs from itching them so hard. I also wanted to start moisturizing my body correctly to try and prevent any stretch marks.  Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing but if I can avoid stretch marks or lessen them in any way....I'm going to. I love that this product has the powerhouse duo of coconut oil and shea butter.  I would make sure to dry brush my body before showering then take a quarter sized amount of the body cream and apply to my legs, butt, hips and tummy after my shower. I wanted to concentrate on areas that experienced the most dryness and obvious stretching. I love putting this on after a shower since the skin absorbs it so quickly and the fresh scent is left light and not heavy. Oceania Moisturizing Cream BUY IT HERE

One of my biggest fears is my skin breaking out.  I went off my cystic acne medication as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I have been getting hydrafacials every 3 weeks, switched to a tea tree face wash and concentrated on a very light facial moisturizer. I will be honest, I am not a huge toner gal.  If I notice some small white heads I will mix equal parts ACV and water and apply that at night but it's not something I do daily since it can be really drying on the skin.  I was drawn to this toner based on the scent notes.  I never was one to do much after washing my face in the morning besides moisturize.  My skin is naturally sensitive and oily.  I spray it on after my shower and it helps combat the redness from the heat (I like my showers HOT).  It also helps close and tighten my pores, which are usually very open after my showers. I find this helps keep my skin from getting too oily.  The citrus scent notes are a great perk up for the day. I also will spray a bit mid afternoon on my chest/neck area when I start feeling dull and tired. Solis Restoring Toner BUY IT HERE

My FAVORITE product was this Hawaii vacation scented milk bath powder.  You will never want a bath bomb again.  This is the real MVP for bath time.  I love, love, love my baths.  I usually do avocado epsom salt, a cup of tea and my ghost podcasts as my treat each week.  I'm kissing my epsom salt good bye. I thought my skin was soft after that but then I used this milk bath powder.  The coconut milk will make your skin feel as soft as a baby's butt and smell like delicious coconut cookies. I really wanted to eat this powder straight from the jar because it smells so damn good.  The lavender essential oils are perfect to ease you into bed time. This is my must have item for my bathroom right now.  Oceania Coconut Milk Bath BUY IT HERE

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All products are deemed safe for pregnancy per my doctors authorization.  Alsways checkw ith your docotor on products during pregnancy and essential oils.