Tropical Baby Shower

I will be straight up honest and say....I HAD ZERO INTEREST IN HAVING A BABY SHOWER.

When I think of a baby shower I think of a stuffy tea party with awkward games where chocolate bars are melted to look like poop, women wear pastels and family is invited that I haven't seen since I, myself, was a baby. 

I have too much social anxiety for all that.  

Luckily when my dad and step-mom offered to host one I decided to throw it out to them the idea of a co-ed backyard BBQ.  They have a super lush backyard with a big pool in Las Vegas so I decided to go with a tropical theme to really embrace the surroundings and celebrate that baby C will be a summer baby. 

I wanted a few funny games, hot dogs and to see our friends and family for a whole day while I floated around in a fabulous dress and enjoyed some much needed sunshine. 


The main long table ensured a community style setting.  Since we were already surrounded by so much greenery we opted for white place settings and let the fruit and floral colors really pop. 

PIneapples lined the entry way along with one of my favorite bump photos as guests arrived. 

I opted for three games and two cards guests could fill out.  More on those below!

We got a few pineapple floats for the pool.  I love that bright yellow against the blue!

Center pieces were a focus of fresh tropical fruits, palm leaves and bird of paradise flowers. 

Our cake took my breath away!  Those flowers are made of sugar!  I loved the watercolor effect with the gold leafing.  Not only was it beautiful but also delicious.

Fillyboo is THE maternity dress destination for all the boho mamas-to-be.

I loved the yellow golden embroidery of this design and off the shoulder style. 

Dress courtesy of Fillyboo  Capricorn Dress  SHOP IT HERE

Florals, flower crown and cake by Kai Lava Check out her work here

Big thank you to my step-mom who organized and threw us the beautiful event and to all our friends and family who braved the Vegas heat to celebrate baby C with us!


I opted for three baby games.  I wanted games that were fun and funny. We also opted for gift cards for all the winners.  I found Amazon gift cards are something everyone loves!

Don't Say Baby More info here

Mommy or Daddy?  Our friend Amanda put this one together for us.  She gathered information from both our parents (funny or embarrassing things from when Kevin and I were babies/little) and had the facts put on cards where people filled them out guessing if the fact was about mommy or daddy.  The kept the key and read the answers out loud.  The person with the most correct answers won!

My water broke! More info here

I also had guests fill out prediction cards and Wishes for Baby cards to put in baby C's baby book.

Shop the boutique below for the baby game items needed to play the games listed above and my decor picks to create your own tropical oasis (everything is Amazon so easy hassle free shipping!)

Some fun action shots from the shower below <3