There he is in all his glory.  My lil baby C who's doing an ace job impersonation of a basketball.

As my due date inches closer I am starting to put thoughts into what I will be packing in my "hospital bag".  The idea of a hospital gown irks me so I am opting for comfy lounge wear while I try to bring a small human into the world. 

Cloroom makes beautiful 100% silk loungewear.  It's perfect for the hot summer heat that's hitting us now.  I'll be rolling around in bed in this set until my due date. 

I fell in love with this set Lion Heart, because I am zodiac obsessed and a Leo (baby C is set to be one too if he arrives close to his due date) The embroidery on the pocket is so cute and the kind of attention to detail that I love.

Angel likes snuggling up to to silk too because she's extra just like her mama.

I got a size medium so I have room for after birth while my body adjusts.  From how I've been sizing up in everything this last trimester I would say the sizes run true to size. 

This PJ set is sure to bring comfort and a touch of luxury to my stay while bringing my baby into the world.  Cloroom is currently having a 25% off sale to celebrate the launch of their website.  Shop PJ sets, robes and eye masks here.

My other mams-to-be ,what kind of loungewear are you packing in your hospital bags?


Cloroom provided Lion Heart set for promotion/review.