Summer Beauty Products: June Edition

I'm hella lazy these days with my beauty care routine.  One, I'm pregnant and two, it's hot out now so basically everything feels like it runs off my face.

I've been mixing and matching new and old goodies for the summer heat and lazy girl mirror time.  Here are a few of my favorite products.


I did a full blog post on Live Botanical in the past and this toner has been my go to since then.  I spray it on my face in the morning when I get out of the shower for a nice pick me up.  The citrus scent is especially great for summer.  Live Botanical is a Portland based company that is organic, GMo-free and fair trade. 

Blood Orange Restoring Toner $18, shop it here

I switched out of my matte lip glosses and lipsticks and opted for some gel lip stains for summer. I have all three colors.  These are easily buildable and won't dry out your lips like the other stains. They give you that perfect "cherry popsicle" look for summer and at $4 a pop you might as well get all the hues! Shop them here.  

My under eyes have been feeling rough lately.  My sleep patterns are off and I needed something that would help with my puffiness and hollow look. This gives that extra little plump effect I was looking for. I saw results in as little as three days!  This is extra hydrating so I suggest using it only at night and skipping for day wear/under makeup.  Shop it here for Prime shipping. 

I'm really into not doing my hair lately.....My routine has been washing it and letting it air dry.  I have a slight natural wave and if I am looking for extra texture I'll braid it while it's still wet and let it dry that way.  I love this spray because it gives that cool girl beach texture without leaving my hair crunchy.  It also smells super yummy so I can easy use it during the week without having to wash my hair every other day.  Yay!  Shop it here

I naturally have oily skin that is also uneven.  I have always had issues with powder or liquid blush sitting correctly. I love this illuminating stick from NYX.  I opted for the color Coralicious and use it like a cream blush on the apple of my cheeks and blend upward to my cheekbones.  It goes on super light and gives you the perfect amount of tint.  Shop it here.  

This product was a suggestion from a Sephora employee.  I am absolutely obsessed.  I have been looking for a face primer and he had suggested this to help hydrate without over drying my oily skin.  This is the first time I have found a primer that keeps my foundation matte without it creasing.  The green tea is also great to combat any redness from the heat.  I apply this after my Live Botanical toner.  Shop it here. 

This was an accidental purchase when I was visiting LA and the California sun had burnt and dried out my lips.  I was at the drugstore and picked it up at random but I am addicted now.  IT's super hydrating without being sticky and adds a nice gloss.  I apply it every night before bed and it can be applied over lip stain easily as well.  I love that it's 100& natural too.  Shop it here

More under eye help!  Some days my dark circles are more tragic than others.  I have tried every under eye gel patch under the damn sun (yes even model and Kim K approved Skyn ones) but these are my favorite.  I keep them in the fridge for extra cooling power and apply them in the mornings when needed for 20-30 minutes.  Shop them here with Prime shipping.