High Fiber Raspberry Smoothie

Let's talk about pooping!  

Once I hit my third trimester I was blessed with constipation.  This is pretty normal in pregnancy but that doesn't mean it's ever fun.  Even if you're not pregnant not being able to go is a total BUM-mer (hahahahaha I've got the jokes) 

This recipe has four ingredients, is vegan, filled with fiber and a total cure for that sweet tooth. 



- Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder

- Raspberries

- Unsweetened  Almond Milk

- Ice Cubes


I start with 1 cup of frozen raspberries (8 grams of fiber)  You can opt for non-frozen but I think frozen ones add that extra thickness that makes the smoothie almost desert like.  Continue with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and 3-4 ice cubes.

Then add two scoops of Bob's Red Mill chocolate protein powder (9 grams of fiber)  This will put you at 17 grams of the recommended 37 grams for the day.  If you click the highlighted blue links they will take you to a shoppable Amazon link.  I opt for Bob's Red Mill protein powder because it's filled with so much good stuff.  I love that it's vegan, has added chia and probiotics which everyone could use more of.

Blend everything in a Ninja blender or  Vitamix until desired consistency.  Top with option raspberries and cacao nibs

This is a great treat for the AM or a late afternoon snack.