Nursery nesting with

Nesting is definitely one of those things I heard about but didn't really understand until this last month.  Every time I thought we were done with decorating the nursery I felt like there was a little something missing.  With my big 38 week pregnancy belly I am moving at a glacial pace these days and a trip to our strip mall with all our go-to stores seems impossible.  

I have been relying heavily on online shopping for last minute items.  One item I wanted for our nursery was a side table to put next to the rocking chair.  The one I fell in love with was from Target. I knew I wouldn't make it to the store anytime soon so I would need to order online.

So you're probably asking what the difference is between and just buying directly on the retailer's site. How about 10% cash back and automatic coupon codes?

I went to FreeShipping.coms main page and typed in the retailer I was looking for: Target

After putting TARGET into the search box I clicked on the "Target 10% cashback" option in the drop down menu

I saw in the next screen that they had coupon codes available below so I scrolled down to see what they were.

I clicked the "visit store" option and was redirected to the Target website where I was able to purchase the side table I wanted.  I got free shipping and 10% cash back!

My package arrived in 5 days and it was exactly the final touch our nursery needed!

I know with a newborn we will have even less time to make trips to our local Target and shop in store.  It's so helpful to have a site I can order from that provides free shipping and will help us save money with cash back options.  I hear diapers are expensive and is going to be a life saver getting them direct to my home while putting money in my pocket!