MiaDonna: The Eco Diamond


They say diamonds are a girl's best friend.  I have to agree.

There is nothing like the sparkle of a diamond to draw the eye in.  I think diamonds are a classic, versatile gemstone.  You should be able to wear them with an evening gown or with your favorite jeans and t-shirt.

My favorite setting for diamonds: A pair of diamond stud earrings.

But at what cost?

It's 2017 and being aware of how diamonds are sourced is a common concern.  There have been blockbuster movies made about the dark world of diamond sourcing and countless articles published.  What I love the most about MiaDonna is their diamonds are conflict free and eco-friendly. 


MiaDonna's diamonds are lab grown diamonds made in the United States.  Now before you jump to conclusions you should know they are chemically, physically and optically IDENTICAL to mined diamonds. The problem with mined diamonds is the sources are often in villages where the miners and their families can be abused and forced into mining.  This means even young children are unwilling made to mine and source diamonds.   Mining also has a huge impact on our earth.  Enormous amounts of soil are removed in the process and the long term effects of this could be devastating to our eco-system.

This is why I am so excited to proudly wear my MiaDonna Martini 1.00 carat earrings set in 14k white gold and even MORE excited to announce I have an extra pair to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!

Simply follow this link to enter our IG based giveaway: https://instagram.com/p/BWsrEtcgwww/

More to love about MiaDonna-

MiaDonna gives 5% back to the Greener Diamond Foundation, which you can read about here: https://www.miadonna.com/pages/the-greener-diamond

MiaDonna creates gorgeous engagement rings: https://www.miadonna.com/pages/ethical-conflict-free-engagement-rings

MiaDonna offers at home try on: https://www.miadonna.com/pages/home-try-on-jewelry

MiaDonna offers custom designs: https://www.miadonna.com/pages/design-your-own-ring