Bravado Nursing Bras: My first two weeks

This post is sponsored by Bravado Designs, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This post is sponsored by Bravado Designs, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

What a whirlwind mommyhood is!  I'll be two weeks postpartum this coming Sunday and I wanted to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week by sharing my favorite nursing bra company along with the top two things I have learned about breastfeeding in these past 10 days.

If you caught my IG post featuring my Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra you read how overwhelmed I felt after taking a FOUR HOUR breastfeeding class.  By the end of class my eyes were glazed over and the only thing my brain cared to remember these past few weeks was that cold cabbage leaves can help reduce engorgement.  I had been told so much about the "breast crawl" and pumping and 289 other things but it was the few things I wasn't told about in our breastfeeding class that I wish I knew before hand. So below I am going to share the top two things I wish I knew about breastfeeding that wasn't taught in my class. 

1. Engorgement.  On day three of mommyhood my milk came in and I woke up with rock hard boobs.  I was in so much pain.  I frantically texted my other mommy friends and family asking them if this was normal.  They assured me it was and advised switching between hot and cold compression to relieve the pain.  I used warm washcloths and a frozen bag of peas. I did try to cold cabbage leaves but that didn't do squat. There was a point at the end of the day where I was crying on the couch with frozen peas on my chest and enjoying the feeling of relief.  I wore my Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra during this time and it was so silky soft.  It offered breast support without feeling restrictive or painful on my chest.

2. Night Feeding.  Night feeding took about 5 days to find our rhythm.  By rhythm I don't mean a time schedule for when my babe would need to nurse, I mean finding what positions worked best for me and baby without having to disrupt our sleep too much.  The first few nights I'd prop myself up with three pillows behind my head for each feeding and grab my nursing boppy pillow to support the baby.  Doing this song and dance would jolt me awake and I would find it hard to fall back asleep.  I also found myself not wanting to remove the pillows behind my neck and back after the first round of night feeding so I'd sleep sitting up and wake up with terrible neck pain.  Since we are co-sleeping I finally decided to try side-lying nursing.  WHAT A LIFE SAVER.  I wear my Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  It's super soft to wear at night and the clips on the strap are easy to unhook one handed (you will be learning to do a lot of things one handed while breastfeeding).  I find myself easily being able to fall back asleep after each feeding since I don't have to change my sleep position and baby doesn't need to be readjusted either. 

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