Favorite Skin Care Products for 2018



This post contains affiliate links.  Photo Copyright Nicole Burron.

This post contains affiliate links.  Photo Copyright Nicole Burron.


In 2017 I tested out a lot of different skin care products.  Some of them were sent to me in PR packages, others I discovered from my facialist, a few were given to me as gifts and of course most of them were impulse purchases at Sephora. 

I also included a chart to let you know if the products are free of certain ingredients and/or vegan/no animal testing-

NP- no preservatives

V- vegan

GF- gluten free

NA- no animal testing 

CO- certified organic 

Below I am rounding up the ones I am taking with me into 2018 and then ones I am still on the hunt for so make sure to drop any recommendations in the comments!

Makeup-remover:  This doesn't apply to eye makeup remover, although some people seem to use it for that. If you know a great one please let me know in the comments! However I love this to get off makeup for the rest of my face.  It starts out as an oil then turns into a milky face wash that you rinse off with lukewarm water.  You start it off on dry skin and you can really feel it soak through that layer of makeup.  It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean without stripping it of natural oils.  I have a very oily t-zone and found this doesn't create over oil production.  I use this as night before bed. NP, GF

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Body exfoliant- My skin gets extra dry during the colder months.  I love a good scrub but find a lot of them irritate my skin.  This is my favorite scrub because it comes in a giant tub and also has moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil.  So while it helps get rid of the dry skin it also moisturizers which provides an amazing and close shave (and if you're a mom you know that you need the best shave possible to ensure it lasts a while!) I use this scrub 2-3 days a week. CO, NA, V

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Face Exfoliant- It took me a while to find a facial exfoliant that was gentle but effective.  I use this 3-5 days a week depending on how my skin may be acting from working out, weather change or trying out new makeup. It's a powder that you disperse into your hand and add water to. It's main focus is the papaya enzymes that help even skin tone and fight dullness. I have tried this morning and night and it doesn't cause extra redness to me skin after use.

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Under eye cream- I got this from Skin by Lovely who stocks very specific skin care products.  This isn't a miracle overnight cream and it took about a month for me to see the difference so you have to be patient with this but I promise to results pay off. It works as a firming eye cream to target fine lines while helping lift the eye area.  I love that any under eye concealer I may use doesn't pile under it and it's great for contact lens users.  I use one full pump every night before bed and a half pump every morning after my shower. This brand is a live raw product brand. NA

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Face serum- The spa I go to for my facials carries this line.  This was definitely a splurge BUT it is magic in a bottle.  It's the best serum I have ever used. It smells amazing and my skin soaks it right up.  It isn't drying at all. It's main ingredients are kale and vitamin C & E. It works as a collagen boosting and anti-aging product and I can always see the difference in the morning.  I use this as the last step of my skin care routine at night.  I use 2-3 drops per night.  The company also offers free samples! NA, some products available GF

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Daily moisturizer- This is the holy grail for me for keeping my face from getting oily during the day.  I used to go through a pack of those oil absorbing sheets every two weeks.  Now I have had the same pack for the last 6 months and this bottle of magic is to thank for it.  It works as an oil control hydrator.  It isn't as thick as most moisturizers and goes on very light and silky.  I find it also is an amazing primer for foundation/concealer.  I have yet to have a makeup sit odd on it since it helps mattify. I put it on almost immediately after showing since the green tea helps reduce any redness (cause I like my showers HOT). NA, some GF available

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Under eye fix- I still sometimes wake up with puffy under eyes.  Usually it's because I didn't drink enough water the day before or maybe had too much salt.  I really love this as a quick fix but after applying I let it sit for about 15 minutes then wipe it off with a soft washcloth and warm water.  I found it piles with under eye concealer but I don't see the benefits of leaving it on all day.  The 10-15 minute mark seems to get the job done!

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Detox face mask- Every now and then I need a good reset for my skin.  Something that pulls the junk out.  In between my facials I like to do a little detox face mask. I used to use the amazon clay mask you can get off Amazon but it was a little too harsh.  The new mask I use has amazon clay plus other ingredients that help soothe the skin and pull out impurities without over drying or causing my pores to create extra oil. Tip: I use ACV instead of water when mixing for extra detoxifying properties! NA, V

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Glow secret- When I have a special event I always reach for this product.  This is my favorite of the "muds".  I put it on the night before and it adds this extra plump and glow to my skin.  It's like a built in filter for your face!

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Face tools-  I have two new face tools I love.  One is a roller that I keep in my freezer and use every morning after applying my moisturizer.  It helps depuff and create circulation in my face which gives it a little more life after being planted on a pillow all night.  It seems to get rid of that sleepy saggy look.  The next item I use to get the peach fuzz off my face which I noticed helps my products soak in more and my face makeup sit more evenly.  I've never nicked my skin with this design which was a fear of mine in using anything with a high speed blade. 

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Things I am still on the hunt for:

- Eye makeup remover

- favorite under eye patches 

- Any amazing sheet mask

Leave your favorite products in the comments!