That gift that keeps giving // COUNTRY Financial

This post is sponsored by COUNTRY Financial.  Video copyright of Nicole Burron. 

My parents came to visit us in Portland a few weeks before Christmas since we decided not to fly home for the holidays this year (can't risk our little one getting sick on the flight).  To celebrate we had our own lil mini Christmas at our apartment.  Like all grandparents they spoiled our lil one with lots of gifts, but the gift that meant the most was a check my stepmom gave him. In the card it specifically read that the check would be a recurring check every month that she would deposit into his savings account to use for his education one day.  When I added the amount up I realized that her one gift of this could easily pay his tuition for four years. I loved how she was thinking ahead for him.  Now the next step is actually setting up the savings account. Looking over the plans with COUNTRY Financial Simple Steps it's easy for my stepmom to be able to contribute to her grandson's college education every month and for my husband and I to add to it as well.  You can learn more about taking simple steps here: