A complete guide for Cancers 2018: Astrology // Zodiac Signs

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Happy Birthday to all my Cancers out there!  It's your time to shine (or hide in your shell, either way) I have curated a special treat for you. I wanted to share tips and products for your mind, body and soul because you, my dear crab, are a sensitive soul.  

You are the best person to go on a day road trip with.  Your sense of adventure is full of genuine desire to learn more about the world.  You see everything with an artistic eye. You love intimate dinner parties with family and friends.  You are cautious to let strangers into your personal space but once you do they connect with the cozy comforts in home you've created.   You are a little hard to read at the start of any relationship.  You can come off mysterious as you take in your physical and emotional surroundings.  On the down side you are prone to retreat from the world during your moody spells.  You hide in your shell and can let your anxiety consume you, which takes a huge toll on your mind and body, but more on that later.

This is a major passion project and everything is a reflection of the astrological sign Cancer.   

Not a Cancer?  No problem!  I will be doing this at the start of every zodiac sign.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram for an amazing gift box giveaway featuring some of the various products listed below!



The Wine You Should Be Drinking 

Wine Cancers Zodiac.png

I sourced out my friend Matthew Kaner, who is the wine director at Bar Covell, Augustine Wine Bar , Good Measure LA and Dead or Alive Bar and was Food & Wine magazine's Sommelier 2013 (so ya he knows just a smidge about vino).  I gave him key points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wine for you this summer.  Something for your intimate dinners with friends in your backyard plus kudos if you found a family owned vineyard.

Wine Director Matthew Kaner Photo by Grant James

Wine Director Matthew Kaner Photo by Grant James

"The wine I'd like to suggest for Cancers is: d'Arenberg "The Hermit Crab" Viognier& Marsanne McLaren Vale, Australia 2016

I recently had this wine with my buddy Chester Osborne, who is the third generation winemaker at d'Arenberg. He's a character, someone I love dearly. He literally created the tourism in McLaren Vale appellation himself with his whimsical winemaking and personality. He's also a HUGE family person. He's so aware of his custodianship of the family estate. 

The wine itself is a medium bodied white made from Viognier and Marsanne, two very famous white grapes originally from the Rhône Valley of France. It can be enjoyed by itself as aperitif, with oysters, with a grilled fish dish, or even with pork! It's very versatile in the fruit it exhibits, as well as a balanced acid.

This wine comes in at $15 retail so it's on the everyday affordable side! 

You can purchase a bottle (or 4) here:  ADD TO CART



The Crystals You Should Own

Photo Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Each one of these crystals or stones will help you as you navigate your way through the rest of 2018.  This year looks like a big one for setting roots down in a new career path that finally ignites some fire in you or a breakthrough romantic relationship that will show itself unexpectedly. 

Moonstone- Symbolizing fertility and sensuality this stone opens your heart chakra which will allow you to be more receptive to the romance the universe is trying to send your way.  Keep this stone on your heart chakra when you meditate or do your breath work.

Tree Agate- Money money money money....MONEY! You search for a career that fills your artistic heart but also can fill your pocket. You have been struggling to find something that can do both but something spectacular is on its way to you. Keep this crystal in your left pocket as this side is your receiving side. 

Stilbite- You may have gone through a hard breakup in the last year or had one of your closest friends/family members pass away. You are having your fears of opening your heart again and allowing it to be vulnerable to either the idea of a new romance or expressing yourself about the loss of your friend/family. Carry stilbite with you to help quite your minds anxiety over the idea of letting your guard down.

Green Calcite- Carry this stone with you during a time of self discovery.  When you go off on one of your hermit adventures because you are feeling moody this will help bring a new outlook to your life and ignite answers to your question of "what is my purpose?" 



The Plant You Need In Your Home

Image via FreeImages.com

Image via FreeImages.com

It's no secret you can get cranky easily.  Maybe your significant other isn't paying enough attention to you or you're tailspinning in your head over work. You definitely need a way to unwind and calm your nerves. Lavender is the perfect plant for you. 

Lavender is similar to Cancer's spirit, it can grow wild and free but also finds it way into comforts of the home environment.  You can easily pick up a lavender plant at most hardware stores or even at Trader Joes.  Right now lavender fields should be blooming in various locations.  Oregon has some amazing lavender fields where you can pick fresh lavender.  I know as a Cancer you love a good day adventure! 

Plant fresh lavender in the backyard of your family home or find ways to incorporate it in spaces where you can unwind.  A lavender scented candle you can burn while you catch up on reading or some essential oil spray for your pillow before you go to bed.  There are many ways to bring lavender into your home. 

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How To Wear Your Birth Stone

Cancer Zodiac Jewelry .jpg

Your birthstone is the pearl (not to be confused with your gemstone which is a ruby). The pearl is birthed from the water just like your sign. It is the only jewel created by another living being.  It is affiliated with the moon which will bring a sense of calmness and peace of mind to those Cancer's who wear it. 

Pearls can feel outdated and finding modern everyday wearable pieces featuring them can be a challenge.  While you love the idea of being a grandma one day you don't love the idea of dressing like one right now.  I love this set by Grayling Jewelry.  It's versatile, which you will love. It comes set in both silver and gold. SHOP SILVER SET.  SHOP GOLD SET. 

Simple Minimal Pearl Necklace.JPG

The Beauty Products You Should Be Trying

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Buron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Buron

Harness the power of your element with these beauty picks that are inspired by the ocean. 

One of my favorite local Portland beauty brands is Live Botanical. I've worked with them before and the Oceania Milk Bath is so luxurious and perfect for Cancers.  Take a trip to Hawaii with it's scent notes and step out of your bath with silky soft skin. TAKE 20% OFF YOUR ODER WITH CODE: NICOSOLOVELY   Live Botanical is a socially responsible women owned business that is cruelty-free and does not use animal based products aside from bee products which are sourced from local beekeepers. 

Cruelty Free Coconut Milk Bath.JPG

The Item To Add To Your Closet

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

True to your crab nature you need your shell for security, a sort of comfort blanket, but you also love multi-purpose clothing.  The kimono is the perfect item for you.  It provides a sense of comfort but is light and moves with ease.  Cancer's are usually artistic folks.  Painters, photographers, writers.  Throw a kimono on while painting and dancing around your studio. Layer one over your tank top and jeans for when you're out on the beach taking photographs of the waves.  Let one shield your shoulders while you write in the dark corner of your favorite bar, cause you just want a nice cocktail and to be left alone!  Pair one with a simple slip dress for your next romantic dinner date (and maybe over your skivvies in the morning)

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Your Body, Mind & Soul Healing Tips

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Cancer's body parts are the breast and stomach.  You are ruled by the moon which is the planet symbolizing motherhood. You are the most maternal of the zodiac signs. A mother feeds her child from the breast as it is known as the tree of life.  Having this connection with your child will feel most comforting to you. 

Many Cancers suffer from digestive problems.  Your anxiety can leave your digestive system in havoc.  When you are upset you tend to feel nauseas.  If you get in a crying fit you can often vomit from it. It is best to find ways to soothe your digestive issues with proper probiotics and digestive bitters.  

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