How to manifest your intentions with clear energy in 3 easy steps


Manifest is THE buzzword right now. I’ve seen it on Pinterest, printed on coffee mugs at Target, online courses about it on Facebook and magazines like Nylon talking about it.

Everything I’ve personally read says it’s simply: writing it down, visualizing it and it will happen.

Well…I have found a lot of trail and error with that.

There’s more to manifesting than journaling it. What makes it happen is an energy exchange.

Everything is made up of energy. So when you put your energy out into the world you will receive energy back, sometimes exactly how you wish to receive it and sometimes slightly different BUT it has been my experience that if you send a CLEAR intention you CAN manifest it. It’s all about communication y’all and the Universe and spirit is no different with needing clear communication.

I figured out how to clearly communicate with the Universe and spirit on my intentions and now I want to share this method with you.

This is my custom 3 step method to manifestation


Grab a piece of paper and pen and write this down to filter down the strongest and clearest intention you can. At the end I include a free PDF you can download to plug everything in.

Remember that working with the energy of the universe, your guides, angels and the Goddess is a GROUP project. You get what you put in and when you communicate with the universe, your guides, angels, God/Goddesses CLEARY with your HEART and ENERGY you'll find you get exactly what you NEED. 

I'm going to reference below exactly what was on my paper about my recent intention and what I wanted to manifest this lunar cycle on the New Moon.

Step 1: Setting your intention

Q: What do I want to manifest?

A: I want to manifest a Full Moon dinner party event.

(next I go DEEPER and get more specific on that)

A: I want to manifest a Full Moon dinner party event in a beautiful space that is not my house and I want it to be decorated with flowers and have amazing food and wine. I want it be sponsored by brands and companies so I don't have to spend my own money since the energy I am putting into manifesting this is my time and knowledge and I want attendees who are spiritual women.

Q: What do I need an abundance of?

A: I need an abundance of brand sponsorships and attendees.

(next I go DEEPER and get more specific on that)

A: I need sponsors who believe in my vision and me and respect the energy trade of my time. I need attendees who are spiritual women on any level and see the value of this Full Moon dinner party I spent my time on creating and manifesting.

Step 2: Your Energy Exchange

Q: What is the energy exchange?

A: I am exchanging my energy and time and I open to receiving the support I need to manifest my intention.

So now I take time to review the above and get a DETAILED and CLEAR intention to set.

Q: What is my intention? (Remember to speak/write/visualize this as if it has ALREADY happened and you HAVE manifested it.)

A: I am hosting a dinner party in Portland celebrating the Full Moon for a group of spiritual women in a beautiful space that is not my home. It is decorated with flowers, there is a nourishing meal and delicious wine. I have sponsors and attendees that support me, my vision and respect my time and energy. I have created a space of celebration, feminine power and spiritual support.

Step 3: Supporting Your Intention

NOW here is my favorite part! We are going to support this intention with Mind, Body and Spirit. I write down how I am going to do this and I speak aloud to the universe, my spirit guides, angels and the Goddess.

Mind- I am mindful and grateful of what the universe sends me. I say thank you to the universe and spirit for providing me with what I NEED.

Body- I am asking for abundance/energy exchange from sponsors and attendees. I am going to do my part in the group project by keeping my energy abundant since my time goes hand and hand with my energy. I am going to ground myself every day during this lunar cycle and make sure I go to bed every night by 11pm to keep my energy abundant. 

Spirit- Here is where you ask your guides, angels, God, Goddess, which ever spirit energy you call upon for advice. Ask spirit for advice "What do I need to know today about manifesting my intention?" I will ask spirit this in my morning shower or daily oracle reading. I do this every day. 

Make sure to speak your intention aloud, keep open communication with the universe and spirit on how you are supporting your energy and contributing in the group project of manifesting your intention! 

Enjoy this free PDF download to fill out so you can hang it up by your desk, nightstand or where ever you can easily reflect and reference it every day during the lunar cycle!

If you have any question or used my method and have any feedback please leave your experiences in the comments below!

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