New Moon ritual to discover your authentic self

Copyright Nicole Burron

Copyright Nicole Burron

Oy vey. Last night I was rushing to meet my friends for dinner and drinks before we headed to see my bestie preform in a live story telling. The day was stressful and I was on the verge of tears trying to get this post up. I get a social outing with my coven once every 2-3 weeks, so I treasure this small treat of time. Also important to me is my blog and Instagram because I love creating, sharing and connecting over magical practice with you. I was working and typing away at the pizza parlor while drinking a lavender martini and chatting about astrology and how shitty our week had been (thanks Mercury in retrograde) and I was starting to feel recharged. I had this post typed out, was about to hit “publish” and then my laptop died and the draft didn’t save.

Well Mercury in retrograde is officially over and it’s a new moon in Sagittarius. This is the last new moon of the year and new moons are my favorite. I love the fresh start of them. Over autumn to now I have watched a lot of my friends grow in their spiritual self. Discovering the amazing power they harness and finding joy in practices authentic to them.

Being an eclectic witch I am drawn to many things. Often I can overwhelm myself trying to learn it all. Also balancing work, taking care of my 16 month old son all day, finishing house renovations, the holidays and being a homemaker I often find myself mentally and physically fried over the last few months. When it gets to that point I fear I will emotionally break. So while I am trying to simplify my life and teachings I have decided to call upon my spirit guides and third eye to help me better find my authentic self. For me this means finding the authentic spiritual work I was meant for. For you it can mean the same or perhaps finding your authentic voice, finding the hobbies that bring you joy, finding the people who bring out the best of you, anything that you are searching for to be that final puzzle piece that makes you feel energized and at peace with yourself.

Copyright Nicole Burron

Copyright Nicole Burron

Purple Candle- Open your third eye and spiritual power.

Labradorite- Discover your dreams and destiny.

Clear Quartz- Brings clarity of the mind and insight.

Find a location that makes you feel joy and protected. Light your purple candle. Have your clear quartz in your left hand and bring your labradorite to your third eye. Close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides and ask them for guidance in discovering your authentic self. I often ask for signs through my oracle deck and animals. Make sure to ask for signs you will notice and that you will connect with. You are wanting to open your third eye to these signs so requesting for assistance to make that connection will bring more clarity. Remember that it is just that, a request from your guides and you need to be open minded to receiving the signs.

Take the time you need to connect with them and make sure to thank them. At the end repeat the below:

“Tonight my soul will make room for all that is to come. Tonight I let go of what is blocking me. Tonight I invite divine guidance to lead me to my authentic self. And so it is.”

Until the full moon keep the clear quartz with you in your left pocket. The clear quartz is now charged with the energy from the ritual and being on your left side it will receive the energy you need from the universe. When you start seeing the signs from your spirit guides hold the clear quartz in your left hand so it can continue to charge with the energy you feel every time you get a sign which will boost the clarity you need to recognize your authentic self.

I can’t wait to see what we find during this moon cycle!