Not Your Average Horoscope: Gemini 2019


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Honoring my Gemini moon with brining back my ‘Not So Average Horoscope’. These horoscopes focus on spiritual tips and products ideal for Gemini’s along with some information about this zodiac sign.

Gemini’s are the most curious of the zodiac signs. They thrive on learning and exploring the possibilities of the world.

They are an air sign and ruled by Mercury, which is the planet all about communication. It’s safe to say if you’re a Gemini you are most in your element in conversation about politics, religion, people, culture, science and art and love activities focused on those subjects.

On the flip side Gemini’s can be scatter brained and have reactive moods. This often is where the “two-faced” label comes from in this twin sign. It’s not so much Gemini’s are two-faced, because Gemini’s are not insincere, but because they can flip moods suddenly without much warning or social cues.

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Gemini’s often look like they can do it all. They seem to juggle 20 things at once effortlessly and are constantly starting new projects. The downside is they often need to create time to ground themselves, recharge and learn to focus on one thing at a time to see the results they desire.

Below are some crystals I love for anyone with a Gemini planet placement they feel strongly connected to, Gemini dominates and Gemini suns. 2019 is a year focused on healing trauma and finding our life purpose so keeping thoughts clear and bodies grounded is important.

I am a Gemini moon (moon rules emotions) and find these crystals extremely helpful when I have a project I am emotionally invested in and I need to get it done in a specific time frame or I feel drained emotionally.

Lazulite- This crystal aids in mental focus, mental discipline and can help enhance psychic abilities. When your mind feels overwhelmed with thoughts take some time to meditate with this wonderful crystal on your third-eye chakra.

Green Apatite- This crystal promotes relaxation which can sometimes be the hardest thing for a Gemini. It helps relief stress and calms nerves bringing in balance between the heart and the mind. It’s elements are water and earth which is perfect to harmonize with airy Gemini.

Smoky Quartz- Grounding is incredibly important for air signs. If you are a Gemini sun or moon you’ll find so much comfort in smoky quartz. It helps in organization in school/work/mental chores and bonus, it gives protection against negative energy. This crystal is one that is great to carry with you at all times (pocket, purse, work desk, wallet, piece of jewelry.)


Gemini’s are one of the most social zodiac signs, either by choice or required their profession. They have calendars full of social and work engagements. Just because they are busy bodies doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a home filled with plants.

The best plant for Gemini is the air plant. What’s so amazing about air plants is how resilient they are. So if a busy schedule doesn’t allow you to repot and water on a weekly bases then the air plant is perfect for you.

Some key notes about air plants:

-Most nurseries carry them and they are on average $3-$7.

-You can place them in desktop terrariums or hanging ones which makes them versatile in decorating your home with.

-You can water them by having them hang out in your shower with you. Just set them on a ledge or in your hanging shower basket but make sure they stay away from coming in contact with any soaps.

This site has the cutest little air plants you can shop and more information on caring for them.

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Matcha Tea Set

Gemini’s love their java but to switch it up with a matcha kit is a great alternative to get a boost of energy and the process of making matcha gives Gemini some focus on starting their day.

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Since Gemini’s are curious on many subjects a great gift to give them is a gift certificate to their local book store or Kindle gift card.

They are often multitasking so they tend to rely on Audible and podcasts while they work or do chores to expand their knowledge on subjects they are interested in.

A killer set of headphones are great for this.



Not only do FRENDS make killer styles of headphones but they also provide great quality. Plus this set offers a pair of interchangeable caps and earrings.

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These Beats headphones are actually wireless and great for the Gemini who is always on the move

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Mani Set

Gemini’s ruling body parts are lungs, arms and hands. This mini manicure set it perfect for travel and touch ups in between salon trips.

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