Not Your Average Horoscope: Leo Season 2018


Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron.  This post contains affiliate links to products of brands I love.  If you end up purchasing an item from this post I may receive a percentage of the sale.  This allows me to fund my blog, pay my photographer and keep bringing you magical content.

As a Leo myself the pressure is ON to bring it for this zodiac sign. I collected a mix my personal favorites while still keeping all brother and sister Leo's in mind.

It's no secret that a Leo loves telling other people that they are a Leo.  What can I say, we are proud lions.  We are known for our loyalty and leadership. When we create our pride of friends and family we are protective like no other.  You do not want to cross a Leo.  Our claws come out and we are up for a long fight, but if you are a member of a Leo's pride you know we are big cuddly kittens deep down.  

You know who else is a Leo? Barack Obama.  I feel he's a great example of our nature. We command attention when we walk into a room.  Not by being the loudest or flashiest but by our confidence and undeniable charisma. 

A big annoyance about us is that we love to give advice but we have a hard time taking it and putting into motion.  We can really be our own worst enemy about admitting defeat or backing down once we have our mind set on something.  We are very detailed oriented and we notice certain specifics that may seem silly to others but it make us sentimental and sometimes that can be charming.  We also are very specific about how we receive attention and who it comes from.  Much like a house cat we will only allow you to touch us when we want to be touched in the spot we want to be touched and it's usually never when you want to touch us BUT if our affection schedules line up, BOY ARE YOU IN FOR A TREAT.  

We only want compliments and admiration with intent behind them. We easily sniff out the fake ones and it only annoys us.   We are watchful and are testing you to see if you're paying attention to all our layers. Since we put our whole heart into the things and people we love we often are taken for granted. Take time to tell your Leo friend, family member or lover how much you appreciate them.  I promise it will make their day. 



Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

It's hot out.  Maybe it's the fire you bring or that summer sun you just can't deny.  You love soaking up those rays and the wine you drink should be able to withstand the heat.  I always reach for a chilled rosé during summer.  I gravitate toward light and less sweet ones and this J. Christopher "Oregon Pink" always hits the spot.  This rosé was made for his wife, per her request. That's basically the shortest and most romantic love story I have ever heard. The loyality behind creating a wine for the one you love is something I can cheers to every day.  While I grabbed a bottle of 2017 for this shoot I would suggest 2016 if you have the option.  

Perfect for a picnic with your summer lover the strawberry and mild citrus notes pair great with fruit and cheese. Usually falling at around $17-$19 this Oregon Pink will make every summer sunset a little bit more magical. 



Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Each one of these crystals or stones will help you as you navigate your way through the rest of 2018.  With so many Leo eclipses you'll want all the good and protective energy you can manifest.  You will embark on paths that can help change the world for all the right reasons. Your pride is about to set roots down (marriage, new home, possibly baby) and you'll want to take all those changes in stride and with dignity. These milestones should not be taken lightly.  The actions you take this year will be the ones that stick around for the long haul so make sure to dot your I's and cross your T's on both business and personal affairs. 

Tigers Eye- There's a drive in you my lions and lionesses.  You are embarking on something big and sometimes that big picture can feel overwhelming and lead you astray.  Tigers Eye will be your guide towards your true destiny.  Keep this stone with you when you are thinking of that big ambitious career goal or planing to taking action on that amazing business idea, tigers eye will lead you to opportunities filled with light. 

Sandstone- The stone of creativity.  This stone was used by ancient civilizations to build some of the first tools so use it now as a tool for all your creative projects.  This stone is the perfect "fidget rock" for your hands. Use it while you problem solve at work or dream up some home renovations. 

Carnelian- This is fellow Leo Adeles go-to crystal.  This helps boost confidence and is ideal for all my Leo's who are performers (and I know that's a lot of you.) You will be finding yourself in a lot of big milestone situations this year where you are in the spotlight and can use a little extra crystal boost of confidence. This is great to have with you on your wedding day while you say your vows and pose for pictures, in your pocket during that pitch for a new innovative app idea and on your beside to bring the bow-chica-bow-wow cause there might be talk of trying for a lil lion cub in your future. 

Citrine- The sunshine crystal. This crystal is power packed full of positive energy and joy. I mentioned a possible baby in your future.  If you are looking to create your own pride rock this crystal should be kept in the bedroom to bring abundance. If you're moving forward with that creative business idea use this to bring prosperity in the workplace. 



Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron 

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron 

Marigolds are known as the "herb of the sun". While usually not seen as an indoor plant they do best indoors if kept in a sunny south facing window.  These plants are believed to bring creativity and passion to your home.  Marigold is found in over 200 products for medicinal purposes and there are some amazing benefits to keeping a marigold plant in your home to have on hand especially for all my soon-to-be mama lions. 

- sunburn relief. I know you'll be playing outside this summer and with that comes a sunburn or two.  Mix a handful of fresh marigold petals with 3 tbsp aloe vera, 3 tbsp yogurt and 1 tbsp of honey to create an all natural sunburn relief topical ointment. 

- postpartum sitz bath.  If you are a soon-to-be mother lion you should add some marigold buds to your postpartum sitz baths to relieve inflammation of your vaginal area and help soothe any possible hemorrhoids.

- beneficial teas. Before summer is over make sure to dehydrate your marigold petals to use in teas.  They are known as sunshine in a cup and this is key for lions that get restless during the cold winter months. Marigold tea helps flush out toxins from the body and blood. It's great for cold season and easing its symptoms. It's also recommended you drink marigold tea for a few days if you suffer from hemorrhoids or stomach ulcers. 



Sunflower photo by Cara Juliett, Jewelry photos Giardinoblu Jewelry 

Sunflower photo by Cara Juliett, Jewelry photos Giardinoblu Jewelry 

 I recently discovered the jewelry line Giardinoblu  based out of Milan Italy and fell in love with the owners passion for creating crystal jewelry that can aid in how you manifest things like love, protection and prosperity. 

When you go to the website you can "Shop by Intention".  This is great for anyone who is just beginning their journey in crystal wearing.  I actually was able to connect with the owner Francesca and tell her about the current journey I am on.  She took into account that I am a Leo, the intentions I have and presented me with four crystals she recommended.

Two of them were Peridot and Labradorite.  I wanted to share our true birthstone with you since Francesca created one of the only beautiful designs of peridot I have seen.  I love that this stone is not polished and the boldness of the design.  The second stone is my personal pick of the other three.  This is amazing for anyone who is taking a huge business and career leap like I am.  Below was Francescas explanation to me in how Labradorite can aid us.

"It teaches us the beauty of changing and supports us to handle the challenge. It's the stone of transformation, progress and growth.  It also enhances intuitive abilities assisting you to be more connected with the highest guides. As an excellent stone of protection, it shields you from the emotional drain and overwhelming feelings."

You can shop all of her Peridot pieces here: Peridot Jewelry by Giardinoblu

You can shop all of her Labradorite pieces here: Labradorite Jewelry by Giardinoblu



Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

We are ruled by the sun and for this reason I wanted to share some beauty products that help achieve that sun kissed glow or help combat the effects of too much sun exposure. 

My favorite highlighter is a super lightweight liquid one from Wet-n-Wild, plus it's only $6. I put this on my cheek bones, tip of my nose and above my upper lip. I also added a clean ingredient alternative and the Almay powder bronzer I use on the apple of my cheeks for a mild and warm flush.  I do a powder to avoid my skin from looking oily.  Scroll through for all my picks.

Living in Portland means my legs are usually the last thing to get tan.  When I am lacking in sun I will reach for a liquid bronzer to give my gams a little boost if I am heading out in a short dress or shorts.  Below is my favorite, which washes off the next day, but its a great option for anyone not looking to commit to an airbrush tan or attempt self tanner at home. I also added a product that is a self tanner and made of clean ingredients if you want a more long lasting option. 

I don't wear a full face of makeup every day but when I do I like to wear a primer.  This one is perfect for summer.  It has SPF 30 in it and a light velvet finish.  I have used it under spot concealer, BB cream and foundation without any issues. 

Did you know one of Leo's signature features (besides our hair) is our mouth? I have somewhat full lips so I always like to take ample care of them with exfoliants, masks, hydrating balms and light weight but color punched lip stains.  Below are my top picks and products I use to keep this pout on it's A-game, especially during the hot hot summer. Scroll through to shop!




A lioness in the sheets but a boss in the streets.  I love a versatile piece of clothing and all Leo's I know love adding a little sexy to their outfit.   One of my favorite sustainable brands, Hot As Hell, makes bodysuits you can wear two ways.  Opt for the lace up in front for a night out.  Turn it around for a cami tank effect to wear under a blazer for work.  The sexy high cut makes it a gorgeous piece of lingerie for when you hit the sheets.  Even though its lace their bodysuits are machine washable.  YUP.  No running to the dry cleaners for you.  I linked the lace up bodysuit below, along with another option of their two-way body suits that I love. 



Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

We work hard and we love even harder.  The heart represents our warm nature and the back represents our courage.  Being a loyal lion comes with it's aches and pains.  Our spine and heart take the hardest hits. We tend to push ourselves both physically and emotionally to limits that can deeply impact our health. 

Finding a good chiropractor that I see once a month has changed my life.  I also invest in deep tissue massage once every 2-3 months.  Leo's carry a lot of tension in their upper backs.  Getting the proper massage work done can help relieve that which will ease the added stress from the pain that we tend to carry but hardly vocalize.  We are a proud creature and often worry our vulnerability will be seen as weakness. 

As a birthday present to yourself I strongly suggest booking a massage that focuses on your upper back and shoulder blade region.  Take the day to disconnect from your phone as well.  Do not reply to every text, email or call.  Focus on you and what your needs are. This year you have and will continue to put a lot of effort into big projects that will drain you physically and emotionally. You deserve a blissful day where the only focus is yourself. 

For your heart, it's time to start looking into breath work and learning about the benefits of deep breathing.  Deep breathing helps lower your heart rate and reduce blood pressure.  This will reduce that "fight or flight" feeling when your anxiety picks up. 

Below is a great book on breath work and a massage mat at a stellar price for at home solutions.