Not Your Average Horoscope: Virgo Season 2018


Photo by Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron.  This post contains affiliate links to products of brands I love.  If you end up purchasing an item from this post I may receive a percentage of the sale.  This allows me to fund my blog, pay my photographer and keep bringing you magical content.

Hello my beautifully burnt out Virgo babes.  It's your time to shine and obsess over details of turning another year older.  Have you hit all the goals you wrote out (and laminated) for the year? Have you taken on one too many projects?  ABSOLUTELY!  Because you my friend, you burn the candle at both ends. And then you spend an hour meticulously cleaning up the wax off the floor.

I know you've taken on one too many tasks this year.  You're a work alcoholic.  You work your career, friendships and love life to the very bone.  You don't give up without a fight and that fight you had planned out in your head exactly on how it was going to go fell flat....BUT the good news is you learned A LOT this year on how precious your time is.  Make sure to REMIND yourself about that every time you feel the urge to say YES to someone, it should be saying YES to yourself first. 

You had many challenges in your love life this year.  You had some deep serious discussions with your partner on what you want and expect out of your life with them and this either pushed your relationship down a positive path or created a cross roads with them and you two split ways.  If you let your partner go use to rest of 2018 to travel as much as possible on trips you've always wanted to go on and to reconnect with your creative side.



The Wine You Should Be Drinking

Copyright free photo via Pexels

Copyright free photo via Pexels

Honestly, even if I had an amazing wine to recommend you the chances of you being able to enjoy it are slim.  When you open a nice bottle of wine you either pre-planned out that special occasion or it went bad and you had to pour out 85% of it.

I know you're tired at the end of the day and when you think about a nice glass of wine the idea seems delightful but you don't want to waste a bottle again.  So instead of telling you what to drink I am sharing what you need to keep that bottle fresh until you can enjoy it the next day or over the weekend.

You need a wine preserving system.  There are a lot I found online but out of all the passive aggressive reviews on Amazon, these are my favorite. 


The Crystals You Should Own

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Moss Agate- To help you stay grounded.  As an Earth sign it is important for you to be mindful of finding time each day to ground yourself or sometimes knowing as "earthing".  To ground yourself find a place where your bare feet can touch the earth.  Either a plot of grass or desert floor.  Stand with your feet hips distance apart and close your eyes.  Take deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Dedicate 10 minutes a day to this to help fatigue, stress, anxiety and lack of focus.  Use your moss agate as a daily reminder to practice this.  Ideally store your moss agate around areas you get distracted easily in and that make you feel anxious.  Probably your work space or maybe in your car.  Bring your moss agate with you when you do your grounding exercise as well and hold in your left hand. 

Hematite- Clear up that drama. Hematite is my favorite stone for you. I added them to the Virgo Bath Bombs I now sell in my Astrology Shop. Use this at your root chakra to help rid your body of those toxic emotions and create stability back into your life. 

Lapis Lazuli- Feeling like a Queen with this stone.  Lapis Lazuli was used by Cleopatra herself.  She would crush it up to use for eye makeup.  It was a favorite of many royal Egyptians and should be a favorite of yours too.  While a lot of this can seem "woo woo" to you this stone will help open the spiritual side of you.  

Smokey Quartz- Just like you...this crystal is a boss ass bitch.  It's one of the most powerful crystals from Mother Nature for cleansing the environment. I know as a hard worker you rely on a lot of modern technology so place this stone in a room with the most electronics to help cleanse the icky electromagnetic waves and restore harmony to your space. 


The Plant You Need In Your Home

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

To improve your sleep quality it's key to find plants for your home that aid in this.  For you I picked the gardenia.  

This gorgeous bloom not only smells amazing but it helps insomnia and restlessness.  Keep this plant in your bedroom to achieve maximum blissful rest.  Indoor gardenias take some extra TLC to keep thriving but I know your Virgo attention to detail can handle this beautiful plants needs. 


How To Wear Your Birth Stone


Photo from Reward Style

So while there may be no actual sapphires in these watches I wanted to find a variety for you that channel the sapphire tones.  While there are watches on the market with real sapphires in them they cost about $5k.  

I know Virgo's love a good watch.  Below are some of my favorite that come in deep blue hues you can easily wear with a variety of other colors and can dress up and down.


The Beauty Products You Should Try

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

For your beauty products I wanted to focus on items for your busy schedule and restless night.

I always try to share cruelty free brands and clean brands.  I have chosen a dry shampoo from a new budget friendly hair care line, a clean deodorant that comes in a variety of scents, the holy grail of under eye concealer and my favorite under eye gels to kick dark circles and puffiness in the butt.


The Item To Add To Your Closet

Photo via RewardStyle/Amazon

Photo via RewardStyle/Amazon

I know you love to stay organized.  When you get ready in the morning you want to be efficient and you love everything having it's place.  So for you I picked a team mate for your closet.  

These jewelry cabinet organizers with mirrors are ideal to store all your pretty gems and help you get ready in the morning.  Beautify offers free-standing ones and one you can hang on your closet door.  They are amazing price points, especially the ones with the LED lights in the mirrors.


Your Mind, Body And Soul

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Photographer Carla Juliett, Copyright Nicole Burron

Your body part is the intestines.  Sexy, I know.  I hate to break it you babe but you have a leaky gut.  It's caused by stress, not chewing slowly enough, lack of fiber and too much coffee. 

Leaky guts cause bloating, head fog, fatigue and constipation.  None of those things are fun and definitely not for someone as busy as you are.  VIRGOS AINT GOT NO TIME FOR THAT.

I am going to say something that will actually send shivers down your spine.


One of the quickest ways to help your leaky gut is to stop drinking so much java.  I know that burst of energy is key to your lifestyle so I wanted to suggest some alternatives.

Yerba Mate.  Look, this coffee replacement has come a long way in taste and methods of ingestion. Below are some ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine.