Strawberry Full Moon June 17th 2019


On June 17th we will experience a Strawberry Full Moon (yummy!)

This full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius this year.

How can I use this Full Moon energy????

The Strawberry Full Moon represents the arrival of summer and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Full Moons are charged full of energy ready to be used and played with, think of it like a fully charged iPhone you can use before you embark on a long 6+ hour flight.

This full moon energy is in coordination with Sagittarius. Some key notes about Sagittarius-

  • Fire sign

  • Ruled by Jupiter (planet of growth, optimism and abundance)

  • Adventurous

  • Enthusiastic

  • Restless

  • Open-Minded

This Full Moon is going to be amazing to channel energy into-

  • travel plans with family, friends, lovers or even solo!

  • looking into new sources of income

  • focusing on any work projects you need to complete and setting the time aside to do so to receive the fruits of your labor

  • say yes to any creative projects, business opportunities or relationships you have been hesitant to say yes to in the past

  • taking your spiritual practice outdoors and in new unexplored places (both physically and mentally)

We are still in the sign of Gemini and with that and Sagittarius full moon PLUS the distractions of summer I CANNOT stress enough how important it is to not give into the restless and distracted energy that both Gemini and Sagittarius can sometimes bring.

I pulled two cards for this Strawberry Full Moon in what we need to know.

Suffering in Silence

This card focuses on endings and completion. You ARE READY to let go of limiting beliefs and the negative thoughts you are thinking that hold you back. You must take action and trust yourself and others to help you heal. Do not let the distractions of this Gemini and Sagittarius summer energy stray you from healing. Ask “How do I end these thoughts and who can I turn to for support I need?” And trust your intuition on the first person that comes to mind! See what they have to say and the new path that they can open up to you.

Movement, Choices, Decisions

This card focuses on reflection and balance. Reflect on the choices that need to be made. It’s important to be flexible and stay focused. If you depend on others in work or are seeking emotional support in other areas of your life see who you can rely on for advice but be flexible to their own life demands and needs. Asking for help is key but do not take it personally if they are not in a place to assist you. Do not let it discourage you, see where they can lead you next. Maybe it’s a friend of theirs or maybe a book. If a working relationship is important and vital for your own career success remember there is a balance to give and take. See what you are able to give with healthy boundaries. Make sure what you are giving does not open old wounds or recycle trauma. Intimate trauma shows up in our work very often since it brings up the constant feeling of “what is my value?” and directly linked with money, which we often associate with abundance and happiness. If you are struggling in a relationship (remember this can be romantic, friends or family!) remember it’s your choice to move forward in healing or asking for help from loved ones. Have open and honest conversations, look back at the Suffering in Silence card and how much fear is associated with it. Fear is holding you back from getting the support you need to thrive. Do not let fear trick you into thinking by asking for help you are weak. We are all dependent on each other in some way or another and the universe responds so well when we allow this to flow.


Your suffering in silence is holding you back from enjoying the fruits of your hard work (both in career and relationships). On this full moon release the limiting beliefs you have and let go of fear. Ask for help from people you love and admire. Put your energy into looking into new sources of income to heal money problems. Ask for help from people you love and admire on this too! Take your spiritual practice outside (physically and mentally) so you can work with summer energy instead of against it. You will find less distraction and more routine this way. Move forward with adventure in all areas (physical travel plans, career, side hustle, creative projects, new romantic relationships, new friends!)