What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality // Stumptown Mattress


This post is sponsored by Stumptown Mattress. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos Copyright Nicole Burron.

Everyone has a favorite sleep position.  This position usually begins in your childhood or as an infant.  You reflect your emotions and personality through the position you take each night as you head into dream land so let's find out what your sleeping position says about you.



The Fetal

Fetal sleepers are introverted and sensitive.  They take time to get to know since they have their guard up from emotional trauma in their past. Once they let someone into their world they are givers to a fault and often reveal complex deep emotions. Fun fact: this position is mostly used by women. 


The Log

Log sleepers have outgoing social personalities. Their group of friends are mixed with varying beliefs and life backgrounds.  They love learning about others and thrive in careers that involve communication. They are firm believers that if you fall off the horse you get back on.


The Free


Freefaller sleepers have an inner confidence and trust the universe will guide them.When they set their mind to something they complete it with their strong leadership skills and following their intuition. They can be obsessive about what is comfortable to them and often hate arguing, so don't expect them to share their favorite pillow.


The Soldier

Soldier sleepers are reserved and quite.  They have high standards for the company they keep and the lifestyle they live. They are a rational thinker in both personal relationships and work. They tend to succeed with routine and definitely have a favorite side of the bed. 


The Starfish

Starfish sleepers are confident and have an optimist view on life.   They love attention and often choose careers as performers. As a friend they are always eager to listen to your problems and offer help.  They often take over bed space so the bigger the mattress, the better.   


The Yearner

Yearner sleepers are deeply spiritual but can be stubborn and spend too much time in their own head day dreaming. They have a small group of close friends and enjoy intimate gatherings. They usually have great life purpose that can take time to find. Yearners can often talk in their sleep!


I've been on a journey to shop more sustainable and branching out to sustainable home decor has been an interesting process.  I recently upgraded my mattress from a queen to a king.  I also switched from a commercial brand company to a sustainable locally owned company called Stumptown Mattress.  Right now there is a wave of box mattress companies.  I'm sure you've seen a few of them popping up in your Facebook ads, being pitched by influencers on Instagram and sponsoring your favorite podcasts.  While being delivered in a box is convenient and lovely there are a lot of differences in all those mattresses inside those boxes. 

I went to Mattress Lot (located at 2406 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232) to test out a Stumptown Mattress in person.  The mattress is similar to a memory foam mattress and offers a body temperature cooling effect.  Unlike the other memory foam mattresses I've tried, this one wasn't overly soft.  I was able to flip to my stomach and not feel like I was sinking or about to suffocate.  On board with the feeling of it, my big YES came from it being sustainably made in the Pacific Northwest and owned by a local Portland company.  They don't do a bunch of crazy national marketing so the prices are incredibly fair.  When I researched other box mattress companies I found Stumptown Mattress had the lowest prices and offered the same 100 day return policy plus a 10 year warranty. 

It arrived in a nice box (which is made of recycled materials, yay!) on my doorstep and then sat in the garage for about a month while I awaited the remodeling to be complete upstairs in the master bedroom.  So when it was finally time to open the box I was delighted to see it expand out in 30 minutes.  Considering how compact the box is I find that pretty amazing.  Was it worth the wait?  Absolutely!  Would I recommend this mattress to friends?  Definitely.  I find my Stumptown Mattress much more comfortable than any other mattress I have owned and I feel GOOD about how it was made.  

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