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Your cosmic authenticity

is unique to you

5 years ago I was working as an Asset Manager for a mortgage company. Most days I called insurance companies, collected past due mortgages, pulled BK claims and dealt with foreclosure lawyers. I don't remember a day where I didn't feel drained and most days ended with me in tears or having panic attacks.

I knew I had to make a change for myself and my family and pursue a career that lifted me up instead of tearing me down.

When I decided to make the switch to a spiritual business I was in a place in my life where I had little resources to support my business. My husband and I had just bought a house and had a 1-year-old baby. Our home needed a lot updates to make it functional for our family, we had a new mortgage, I had no childcare and no family to help with watching my son as I launched this business.

I didn't have a ton of time to work on my business or extra finances to create that time.

However, I knew two things going into it. Social media is a great free resource for business and my natal chart shows my creative business strengths and spiritual gifts.

So I decided to learn how to use social media to work smarter, not harder while supporting my Cosmic Authenticity.


I’ve healed money wounds and fear of sales so I could have a stable spiritual business. I dove deeper into how my natal chart and spiritual practices could create the career I once dreamed about. I spent over a year testing out my methods and living my cosmic authenticity and now i am bringing it you in a 3 month course.

This course is for you if....

-You are wanting to launch your own business but feel lack of time and resources are holding you back

-You have a business idea but need clarity on how to set your idea apart, where to start and feel fear is holding you back

-You have a business or want to launch a business but compare your business or idea to someones preexisting business and find yourself self-sabotaging your ideas and putting your dream career on the shelf again

-You have an existing business and want to create a sustainable social media practice that brings in regular clients that allign with you in an authentic way

-You feel scared to charge more for your services and want to heal your money wounds and fear of sales

-You want to establish an authentic social media presence and feel good about your time spent on Instagram while doing so in a functional hour of work instead of hours scrolling through the feed and getting bummed out

COsmic Authenticity: Business + Social Media focuses on your spiritual gifts and natal chart while clearing blocks linked to fear, ego and money so you can have a healthy and abundant relationship with your career, clients and social media!

It wasn't until I did all this work on myself that I realized how powerful it was for my career and relationship with social media to live my Cosmic Authenticity. I believe social media can be used for good and be a platform to reach the right clients for your business. I believe your unique talents and spiritual gifts are what set you apart from everyone else.

In this course we....

-Strengthen your intuition while discovering your spiritual gifts so you can use them for your business in ways that help you and your clients

-Look at your natal chart to see where you need healing to remove limiting belief, negative thinking, fear and ego

-identify and defeat money blocks so you can move forward in your business bringing in the money you deserve for your work and talent

-learn how to use your planet and house placements in your social media content so they harmonize with your life purpose and talents

-Create a social media strategy that will save you time on the platform and get you clients that align with your business

-Establish sustainable social media practices with engagement, hashtags, lead accounts, content and IG stories

-Practice moon phase rituals, crystal healing, meditation and Goddess Guide energy alignment to support your goals and tap into your divine feminine power

Course details

My 3 month course includes-

A Natal chart reading

oracle reading surrounding your businesses energy

2 1-on-1 calls per month

2 group calls per month

Private Facebook support group where I offer weekly check-ins, technical support, social media news, moon phase rituals, crystal healing, meditations and goddess guide energy alignment

The post below was created based on my natal chart, spiritual gifts and proper social media strategy. The intent of this post was to help others with my knowledge and spiritual gifts while also getting new eyes on my account to lead to new business. After this post I booked 3 oracle readings.