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Business Energy


This reading is done with a mix of my decks: Wild Unknown, Angels and Ancestors, Energy deck, Psychic Deck and Goddess oracle deck. I meditate before every reading and take time to connect with your spirit guides. They are the ones who guide me during your unique reading.

This reading will be direct messages from your guides, ancestors and guardian angels about how to gain clarity and insight with your existing business or the business you want to launch.

Card 1: What you need to know about the current energy surrounding your existing or future business

Card 2: What animal spirit surrounds your existing or future business, what you can learn from them and how to bring balance to your life to honor them

Card 3: What psychic message your guides and the universe has for you about the future of your existing or future business

Card 4: What Goddess energy you can tap into to support your existing or future business

Card 5: A direct spiritual message from your guides, ancestors and guardians angels for you to reflect on for the week

Along with the oracle reading I will let you know any additional signs and messages I receive from your guides during my meditation. I will also provide a Goddess ritual for you in a PDF download in coordination with the Goddess card you receive.

PLEASE note: The Energy and Psychic decks do have cards regarding jealousy, hidden agenda, betrayal and things of that nature. If you are not in a place to receive knowledge or truth around those subjects please do not purchase this reading!

Once the reading is purchased I will e-mail you directly as I will need additional information from you to connect with your spirit guides and deliver your reading results. Please make sure to check your e-mail you use at checkout and your spam folder.

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