Celtic Compass reading

Celtic Compass reading


This reading is done with my Angels and Ancestors oracle deck. I meditate before every reading and take time to connect with your spirit guides. They are the ones who guide me during your unique reading.

9 cards will reflect

  • Spirit (center)- you and your energy

  • Earth (North)- what is grounding you

  • Air (East)- your current perception and thoughts

  • Fire (South)- your desires and needs

  • Water (West)- how you truly feel emotionally

  • Northeast- what needs attention and action

  • Southeast- where you direct your energy

  • Southwest- what you need to let go of

  • Northwest- the outcome

Along with the oracle reading I will let you know any additional signs I receive from your guides during my meditation.

Once the reading is purchased I will e-mail you directly as I will need additional information from you to connect with your spirit guides and deliver your reading results. Please make sure to check your e-mail you use at checkout and your spam folder.

My e-mail: nicosolovely@gmail.com

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